Within Temptation – Frozen

*Introduction music* charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18KyraFirstZankouwithKyra7x10-KyraLeoSeer2KyraPhoebevision1

“I can’t feel my senses”Kyratakingadrink“I just feel the cold”Charmed-charmed-kyrajpg“All colors seem to fade away”Kyra“I can’t reach my soul”spicxrac“I would stop running, if I knew there was a chance”Particle_Swarm_Premonition“It tears me apart to sacrifice it all, but I’m force to let go”KyraPhoebevision1“Tell me I’m frozen…”charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“But what can I do?”ZankouwithKyra

“Can’t tell the reasons…”KyraFirst“I did it for you”talldarkandhandsome“When lies turned into truth…”Courtyard 2“I sacrificed for you”Kryasdeath“You say that I am frozen…”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“But what can I do?”charisma-carpenter-charmed-703-03

“I can feel your sorrow” Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou*short solo piece* Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I sacrifice”Charmed710_081“You won’t forgive me”Zankou“But I know, you’ll be alright”oneofZpowers“It tears me apart that you will never know…”angeltvposter011“But I have to let you go”Energy_Blast_Zankou“Tell me I’m frozen”charmed-then-and-now“But what can I do?”Tears-of-an-Angel-charmed-19138904-1280-768“Can’t tell the reason…”2x12-Prue“I did it for you”Andy“When lies turned into truth”ColeandBalthasar“I sacrificed for you”4x15-Cole-Phoebe-Marry“You say that I am frozen”Phoebe sadness“But what can I do?”Second_time“Everything will slip away”Prues death“Shattered pieces will remain”Piper“When memories fade into emptiness”Piper_Leo_4x01“Only time will tell its tale”all four charmed ones“If it all has been in vain”KyraPink“I can’t feel my senses” 5x13-PhoebeHex“I just feel the cold”2x07-piper-dr-stone“FROZEN…”sad pruejpg“What can I do?”Charmed322_007 Doctor Griffiths“FROZEN…”i-still-dont-know-why-i-survived-and-they-didnt“Tell me I’m frozen…”Prue_s_Funeral“But what can I do?”piper“Can’t tell the reasons…”piper in pain“I did it for you”eldershq“When lies turned into truth”Piper-and-Leo-charmed-631359_500_378“I sacrificed for you”Piper-and-Leo-Season-1-piper-and-leo-7478434-1032-776“You say that I am frozen…”PipernandLeo14“Frozen….”piper crying








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