Skillet – It’s Not Me It’s You (Lyrics)

*Intro music*

“It’s all Obi-Wan’s Fault. He’s jealous. He’s holding me back”angsty-anakinupset AnakinAnakin and Obi-WanAnakin vs Obi-WanObi-wan-and-Anakin-obi-wan-kenobi-and-anakin-skywalker-23277757-500-413Darth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and Padme

“Let’s get the story straight”Anakin choking Obi-Wan“You were a poison” Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“You flooded through my veins”Anakin on Mustafar“You left me broken”Anakin after lost a fight“You tried to make me think”padme fainted (1)“That the blame was all on me”Unsure Anakin“With the pain you put me through”anakin's tears“And now I know that’s it’s not me it’s you”Ankin Obi-Wan fight“It’s not me it’s you”Obi-Wan vs Vader“Always has been you”Obi-Wan getting struck down“All the lies and stupid things you say and do”Obi-Wan giving up his life“It’s you.”Anakin choking Obi-Wan“It’s not me it’s you”Anakin and Obi-Wan“All the lies and pain you put me through”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“I know that it’s not me it’s you”Vader following orders“YOU!”wpid-obi-wanvsanakin-11“YOU!”ani-and-padme-anakin-and-padme-30672109-1920-1080“It’s not me it’s you, you”fallen Anakin and Padme“So here we go again”Will holding a gun to Hannibal“The same fight we are always in”hannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560“I don’t care. So why pretend?” hannibal-review“Wake me when your lecture ends”will-gun-hannibal“You tried to make me small”OMG“Make me fall and it’s all your fault”HANNIBAL-season-two-moments-WillinJail“With the pain you put me though”Hannibal hurting Will“And now I know that it’s not me it’s you”Hannibal-Lecter-Will-Graham-hannibal-tv-series-“It’s not me it’s you”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“Always has been you”hannibal-savoureux-mads-mikkelsen“All the lies and stupid things you say and do”HanniWill“It’s You”Hannibal-hannibal-tv-series-“It’s not me it’s you”mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham“All the lies and pain you put me through”friendship“I know that it’s not me it’s you”hannibal-mizumono_0143*solo*ZankouwithKyracharisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18piperColeandBalthasarTears-of-an-Angel-charmed-19138904-1280-768“Let’s get the story straight”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“You were a poison” talldarkandhandsome“Flooding through my veins” charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“You’re driving me insane”Charmed-charmed-kyrajpg“And now that you’re gone away”AlchemistFreeZankou“I’m no longer choking”KyraFirst“From the pain you put me through”KyraPink“And now I know that it’s not me it’s you”Second_time“It’s not me. It’s…”Phoebe sadness“You!”3x19-Cole-Brotherhood“Always has been you”4x02-062-belthazor“All the lies and stupid things you say and do”Cole-Turner-charmed-22032025-459-346“It’s You!”Say hello to Prue for me“It’s not me, it’s you”Barbas“All the lies and pain you put me though”eldershq“I know that it’s not me, it’s you”Energy_Blast_Zankou“You, you!”Tempus“It’s not me, it’s you!”piper in pain“It’s not me, it’s you!”

2x07-piper-dr-stone“It’s not me, it’s you!”8x20-063-triad“It’s not me, it’s…you!”Jeremy_Burns_h1“It’s not me, it’s you”Andy“It’s not me, it’s… you”AriTouchofDeath“It’s not me, it’s you”Piper“IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU!”Particle_Swarm_Premonition







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