Villains Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Eurythmics Lyrics

*Intro*young adult HannibalBarbasZankouKylo Ren in bigger pic form

continue with Order 66“Sweet dreams are made of this,”Emperor_RotJ“Who am I to disagree?”darth_maul_sith_lords_1“Travel The World”ColeandBalthasar“And the Seven Seas”Manhunter-Still3CR“Everybody’s looking for something”Movies Sith“Some of them want to use you”vader-kneeling“Some of them want to get used by you”Hannibal-hannibal-tv-series-“Some of them want to abuse you”CloneWars-Asajj-Ventress“Some of them want to be abused”


Tempus*Ooh….*hannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560*Ooh…*DV's two inquisitors“Sweet dreams are made of this,”Potter pics

“Who am I to disagree?”4x02-062-belthazor“Travel the world”Photo: Steve Wilkie“And the Seven Seas”

Sidious_Tyranus“Everybody’s looking for something”Cannibal Thanksgiving*Ooh…*AriTouchofDeath*aha…*Say hello to Prue for me*Ooh…*Luke vs vader #2“Hold your head up,”Vader show up“Keep your head up,”Christopher-Lee white wizard“Movin’ on”Vader on Lothal“Hold your head up,”Vader-on-Hoth“Movin’ on”Inquisitor vs Kanan“Keep your head up,”TheForceAwakens“Movin’ on”will-gun-hannibal“Hold your head up,,”8x20-063-triad“Movin’ on,”Jeremy_Burns_h1“Keep your head up”ZankouwithKyra“Movin’ on”Hannibal-Lecter-Will-Graham-hannibal-tv-series-“Hold your head up”THREE_MUSKETEERS-712_copy“Movin’ on”hannibal-savoureux-mads-mikkelsen“Keep your head up”The Crow

*solo*hannibal-lecterEnergy_Blast_ZankouIS_Ares_PHVilliansNUP_130797_0193amd-jackjoker-jpgChris and Michaelwarped-movie-villains

“Some of them want to use you”avengers-villain-loki“Some of them want to get used by you”Mr.Gold“Some of them want to abuse you”Evil Queen“Some of them want to be abused”bond-villains-maje_3034792k*Ooh…*Kylo Ren*aha…*Vaderchoke*ooh…*

C Dooku*aha…*2x07-piper-dr-stone“Sweet dreams are made of this,”Second_time“Who am I to disagree?”jerome“Travel the world”Voldomolt“And the Seven Seas”Hook“Everybody’s looking for something”potter-villains-575b“Sweet dreams are made of this,”shining“Who am I to disagree?”Pangin“Travel the world”Magnigeto“And the Seven Seas”harry-home-alone“Everybody’s looking for something”Doc Oc“Sweet dreams are made of this,”talldarkandhandsome“Who am I to disagree?”Evil_wyatt“Travel the world”400px-AresinXena“And the Seven seas”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“Everybody’s looking for something”Scary Movie“Sweet dreams are made of this,”main-top-horror-movie-villains“Who am I to disagree?”Dr. Lecter“Travel the world”LOTR“And the Seven seas”Bane“Everybody’s looking for something”three villains“Sweet dreams are made of this,”rickma“Who am I to disagree?”Skeletor“Travel around the world”bobafett1“And the Seven seas”mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham“Everybody’s looking for something”main-sexiest-villains















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