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Iron – Within Temptation (Lyrics)

*long introduction*

Anakin killing tuskensStar-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677New Emperorbattle_droids_mttOrder 66 in the templeAnakin killing separtistsdeath_star1more space battledarthbattle up above Courscantflag ship going downcontinue with Order 6611767-star-destroyers-star-wars-1920x1080-movie-wallpaperDM and his lovedestroyed temple SWTORmany sithjedi vs sithDV's two inquisitorsInquisitor vs KananCC6UKKpUsAEqbGPStar Wars Rebels - Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader posterVader on LothalAnakin killing childrenObi-Wan getting struck downLuke Vs VaderCloud City fightLuke vs vader #2Kylo RenDarth RevanshotDarth MarrCloneWars-Asajj-VentressdarthzannahXanatostSion_KorribanGithany_EGFSithEmperorMara

ExarKun-SWGTCGGHKaanNEGFDarth PlaguiesTheForceAwakensKylo Ren without maskSidious_TyranusVader_Force_chokes_MottiAnakin choking Obi-WanLuke fighting backVaapadDarth CaedousMace-Windu-death

Star-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768“Left in the darkness”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“Here on your own”Vader show up“Woke up a memory”Darth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and Padme“Feeding the pain”Vader thinking of Padme“You cannot deny it”Vaderrots“There’s nothing to say”DV on Lothal“It’s all that you need to…”Vader in ROTJ“Fire away…”Vader having words“Oh damn, the war is coming”anakin-vader“Oh damn, you feel you want it”Star-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768“Oh damn, just bring it on today”darth_vader_and_tie_fighter_pilots_by_rhymesyndicate-d5bcgnm“You can’t live without the fire”Vader and fire“It’s the heat that makes you strong”darth-vader-on-fire‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284“All way…”Confused Vader“You can’t hide what lies inside you”Vader-on-Hoth“It’s the only thing you’ve known”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768“You’ll embrace it and…”Rise Lord Vader“Never walk away”DV on Lothal“Don’t walk away”Vader following orders“Don’t walk away”Vader show up“Don’t walk away”Vader on Lothal“Don’t walk away”LDV“Raised in this madness”darth_vader_sith_lords_6“You’re on your own”vader-kneeling“It makes you fearless”bobafett1“Nothing to lose”9916_star_wars_darth_vader“Dreams are a joke here”Obi-Wan getting struck down“They get in your way”Vader_Force_chokes_Motti“That’s what you need to…”-ANH“Fight day by day”L-D-V“Oh damn, the war is coming”TheForceAwakens“Oh damn, you feel you want it”Kylo Ren“Oh damn, just bring it on today”finn-star-wars“You can’t live without the fire”Kylo Ren in bigger pic form“It’s the heat that makes you strong”Kylo Ren without mask‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it”Ren“All way…”starwarstheforceawakens-kyloren“You can’t hide what lies inside you”KR TFA“It’s the only thing you’ve known”kylo_ren___star_wars_vii_tfa_by_junkisakuraba-d9987ye“You’ll embrace it and…”HT_star_wars3_ml_“Never walk away”kylo-ren-social“Don’t walk away”kylo3“You need not fear us,”Movies Sith“Unless you are a darkheart”After Jedi Sith“A vile one who preys on the innocent”Count-Dooku-christopher-lee-2509347-800-600“I promise”Vader“You can’t hide forever”boba_fett_meets_darth_vader“From the empty darkness”Vader on Bespin“For we will hunt you down”Vaderstatue“Like the animals you are”darth-nihilus-kotor“And pull you into the very bowls of hell”Emperor getting tossed*long solo*

Christopher-Lee white wizardCount-Dooku-christopher-lee-2509347-800-600Emperor_RotJQui-Gon being struck throughcontinue with Order 66Dark_Lady_LumiyaVen_Zallow_confronteerd_MalgusEp7sceneVaderchokeVisas Marr and Darth NihilustalldarkandhandsomeColeandBalthasarhannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560Hannibal-hannibal-tv-series-4x02-062-belthazorBarbas8x20-063-triadJeremy_Burns_h1young adult HannibalManhunter-Still3CRJokerares____god_of_war_by_youngphoenix3191-d50jphs

“Oh damn, the war is coming”


“Oh damn, you feel you want it”


“Oh damn, just bring it on today”

young adult Hannibal

“You can’t live without the fire”

Hannibal - Season 1

“It’s the heat that makes you strong”

Hannibal - Season 2

‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it”


“All way…”

AH in Red Dragon

“You can’t hide what lies inside you”

Hannibal Rising5

“It’s the only thing you’ve known”

Hannibal - Season 2

“You’ll embrace it and…”


“Never walk away”


“Don’t walk away”

Hannibal hurting Will

“Don’t walk away”


“Don’t walk away”


“Don’t walk away”

Hannibal in the rain
























Within temptation Where is the edge lyrics

“Ooh….”Unsure Anakin“Ooh…”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284*solo*anakin-vaderanakin's tearsAnakin and Padme 1Young Anakin and his motherAnakin-Im sorrydarth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720Anakin-Vader picVader in ROTJAnakinVader“In the shadows awaken the desire”ani-and-padme-anakin-and-padme-30672109-1920-1080“But you know you can’t realize”angsty-anakin“And the pressure will just keep rising”Anakin and Padme 1“Now the heat is on..”upset Anakin“It’s too late,”Unsure Anakin“There’s no way around it”Anakin killing children“You will see for yourself many times”Mace-Windu-death“In the end, you will give up the fighting”Anakin's pledge“Unescapable”Anakin marching‘Cause you’re loosing your mind and sleep. In the heart of the lies”anakin's nightmare“Where is the edge of your darkest emotions?”anakin's tears“Why does it all survive?”Anakin killing tuskens(Why does it all survive?)Rise Lord Vader“Where is the light of your deepest devotions?”DV E6“I pray that it’s still alive”Luke being taken away*solo*hannibal-rising_005aaranthomas_Hannibal-Rising-hannibal-lecterHannibal-Rising-hannibal-lecter-child Hannibal


Hannibal Rising5“It’s the rule that you live by and die for”pulled-hannibal-episode-will-instead-appear-as-online-web-series“It’s the one thing you can’t deny”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“Even though you don’t know what the price is”hannibal-savoureux-mads-mikkelsen“It is justified”mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham“So much more that you’ve got left to fight for”Dr. Lecter“But it still doesn’t change who you are”Hannibal-Season-3-Spoilers“There is no fear you’ll ever give into”Hannibal - Season 2“You’re untouchable”hannibal-lecter‘Cause you’re loosing your mind and sleep. In the heart of the night”memory is a knife“Where is the edge of your darkest emotions?”hannibal-tv-series-12“Why does it all survive?”hannibal-season-3(Why does it all survive?)AH in Red Dragon“Where is the light of your deepest devotions?”Hannibal - Season 1“I pray that it’s still alive”hannibal_and_will__i_appreciate_the_company_by_dreamsofarose-d6qhx1i“You can’t stop yourself”young adult Hannibal“Don’t want to feel”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“Don’t want to see what you’ve become”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768“You can’t walk away”Vader on Lothal“From who you are”DV E6“Never give in”Hannibal-Lecter-Will-Graham-hannibal-tv-series-*solo*charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18KyraPhoebevision1KyraFirstCourtyard 2charmed-then-and-nowcharisma-carpenter-charmed-703-03Charmed-Oded-Fehr-ZankouColeandBalthasarPiper_Leo_4x01ZankouwithKyraAndypiper in painPiper-and-Leo-charmed-631359_500_378Second_timeall four charmed ones(Where is the edge?)talldarkandhandsome“Where is the edge of your darkest emotions?”ColeandBalthasar“Why does it all survive?”Zankou(Why does it all survive?)Prue_s_Funeral“Where is the light of your deepest devotions?”2x12-Prue“I pray that it’s still alive”Kyratakingadrink