(short intro)PadmeApartmentBalcony-ROTSUnsure AnakinAnakin killing tuskensAnakin and Padme 1anakin's tearsAnakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502padme fainted (1)Anakin vs Obi-WanAnkin Obi-Wan fightSad Padme

“See the devil on the door step now”Ch Palpatine

“My, oh my”

child Anakin

“Telling everybody oh just how to live their lives”

New Emperor

“Sliding down the information highway”

upset Anakin

“buying it like a much of fools”


“Time is ticking and we can’t go back”


“My oh my”


“What about the world today?”


“What about the place that we call home?”


“we never been so many”


“and we never been so alone”

continue with Order 66

“Keep watching on your picket fence”

Obi-Wan and Anakin Slants of Light dkjf

“You keep talking but it makes no sense”


“You say we are not responsible”

Palpatine and Anakin

“but we are”


“We are”

Order 66 in the temple

“You wash your hands and come out clean”

Anakin and Padme 1

“Fail to recognize the enemy within”


“You say we’re not responsible but we are”

Barriss Offee

“We are”


“We are”


“One step forward making two steps back”

Dooku'sEnd“My oh my”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284“Ridding piggy on the bad boys back for life”Vaderrots“Lining up for the grand illusion”Cody“no answers for no questions asked”Anakin killing children“Lining up for the execution”continue with Order 66“Without knowing why”Order 66 in the temple“Keep watching from your picket fence”Yoda-heartache“You keep talking but it makes no sense”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Yoda-s-Counsel-anakin-skywalker-“You say we’re not responsible but we are”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-“We are”Rise Lord Vader“You wash your hands and come out clean”anakin-vader“Fail to recognize the enemy within”Palpatine and Anakin“You say we’re not responsible but we are”Jedi_Temple_Main_Entrance_Interior“We are”Anakin pacing“It’s all about power”Anakin so hot“Then take the control”padme fainted (1)“Breaking the will”anakin's tears“breaking the soul”Rise Lord Vader“They suck us dry”Order 66 in the temple“till there’s nothing left”Jedi_Temple_Main_Entrance_Interior“My oh my”anakinholofight“My oh my”Anakin on Mustafar“What about the world today?”Coruscant-EotE“What about the place that we called home”temple ruin

“we never been so many”Star-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677

“and we never been so alone”star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-1072“SO ALONE”Gab“Keep watching from your picket fence”sunsetwithAnakin“You keep talking but it makes no sense”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-“You say we’re not responsible but we are”Anakin killing separtists“We are”Ankin Obi-Wan fight“You wash your hands and come out clean”Anakin art“Fail to recognize the enemy within”Ch Palpatine“You say we’re not responsible but we are”Star-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12175508-1599-677“We are”Yoda-heartache“We are”Anakin burns“It’s all about power then take control”Anakin choking Obi-Wan“Keep watching from your picket fence”Order 66 in the temple“They suck us dry till there’s nothing left”Jedi_Temple_Main_Entrance_Interior“We are”anakinholofight“We are”
Anakin marching“It’s all about power taking control (we are)”wpid-obi-wanvsanakin-11“It’s all about power taking control”Rise Lord Vader



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