Skillet – Not gonna die (lyrics)

(long intro)Anakin pacinganakin's eye changeAnakin so hotAnakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-black and white of Vader and BobaStar-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656DVwithMandSTbackgroundAnakin artTFU-TV_Snow-Vader-Front_011badassVader_vader-kneelingStar-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768darth_vader_sith_lords_6L-D-Vbobafett1vaderentranceangleStar Wars Rebels - Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader posterCC6UKKpUsAEqbGPDarth-Vader-Wallpaper-4darth

“Death…”Anakin-Vader pic“Surrounds…”Vader on Lothal“My heartbeat’s slowing down”Rise Lord Vader“I won’t take this world’s abuse”Unsure Anakin“I won’t give up,”anakin-vader“I refuse!”Anakin killing separtists“This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken,”Anakin killing tuskens“This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen…”anakin's tears“When everything you love is leaving,”Anakin-Im sorry“You hold on to what you believe in”Anakin and Padme 1“The last thing I heard,”Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“Was you whispering ‘goodbye’..”Padme_Anakin“And then I heard you flat line…”padme fainted (1)“NO!”Anakin vs Obi-Wan“Not gonna die tonight,”Ankin Obi-Wan fight“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”wpid-obi-wanvsanakin-11“Don’t close your eyes”upset Anakin“NO!”Anakin on Mustafar“Not gonna die tonight,”Anakin burns

“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”Rise Lord Vader“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”rots sith lords(small solo)Anakin marchingAnakin killing childrenAnakin killing separtistsVader on LothalDV on LothalVader in ROTJForcechokingVaderSW_DV1

“Break”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284“their hold,”choking by vader” ‘Cause I won’t be controlled..”Vader_Force_chokes_Motti“They can’t keep their chains on me”darth“When the truth set me free!”star_wars_darth_vader_by_kyl_el7-d4oeaoq“This is how it feels when you take your life back,”Darth_vader_no“This is how it feels when you finally fight back,”anakinholofight“When life pushes me I push harder,”Vader following orders“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”Confused Vader“The last thing I heard,”Lukevaderrotj7“Was you whispering ‘goodbye’..”Star-Wars“And then I heard you flat line..”ghost with Obi and Jinn“NO!”DVart“Not gonna die tonight,”L-D-V“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”Vader and fire“Don’t close your eyes”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“NO!”Vader-on-Hoth“Not gonna die tonight,”CC6UKKpUsAEqbGP“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”Rouge One“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”LDV Art“Don’t you give up on me…”Star-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656“You’re everything that I need…”Vader thinking of Padme“This is how it feels when you take your life back,”Obi-Wan getting struck down“This is how it feels when”Luke Vs Vader“You”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768“Fight”Luke vs vader #2“BACK!”Cloud City fight(solo)Palpatine_Anakin_2darth-vader-lukeOzzel_croakschoking by vaderAnakin force choking moodAnakin marchingVader in ROTJLeia_fighting_Vader_on_Mimban_EGFanother vader imageDarth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and Padme

“NO!”Anakin after lost a fight“Not gonna die tonight,”Emperor getting tossed“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”DV on Lothal“Don’t close your eyes”vaderentranceangle“NO!”Vader on Bespin“Not gonna die tonight,”Bob Anderson“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”VadersRemorse“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”black and white of Vader and Boba“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”Vader and the Emperor“Not gonna die”Vader“Not gonna die”sunsetwithAnakin“Not gonna die”Anakin art“Not gonna die”Vader with Emp sign“Not gonna die tonight”Father and son



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