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Brandy – Have You Ever Lyrics

“Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?”


“Have you ever needed something so bad”

memory is a knife

“You can’t sleep at night”

anakin's nightmare

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”


“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever?”

Anakin and Padme

“Have you ever been in love”

Unsure Anakin

“Been in love so bad”

Vader thinking of Padme

“You’d do anything”


“To make them understand”


“Have you ever had someone steal your heart away?”

OF on M_ori

“You’d give anything”


“to make them feel the same”


“Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart”


“but you don’t know what to say”


“And you don’t know where to start”

Anakin and Padme 1

“Have you ever loved somebody so much”

Young Anakin and his mother

“It makes you cry”

anakin's tears

“Have you ever needed something so bad”

Sad Padme

“You can’t sleep at night”

embrace with CC

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”


“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever”



Rey flying the falcon

“Have you ever found the one”


“You’ve dreamed of all your life”


“You’d do just about anything”

Palpatine and Anakin

“to look into their eyes”


“Have you finally found the one”

CC in a blue dress

“you’ve given your heart to”


“Only to find that one”


“Won’t give their heart to you”

Will holding a gun to Hannibal

“Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed that they were there”


“And all you can do is wait”


“For that day when they will care”


“Have you ever loved somebody so much (So much)”


“It makes you cry”


“Makes you want to break down and cry”


“Have you ever needed something so bad”

young adult Hannibal

“So…So bad”

Evil Queen

“You can’t sleep at night”

Chris and Michael

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever,”

Leia han luke

“Have you ever”

Angel showing how to use a sword

“Have you ever”

do I look like a killer


Ab and horis



“What do I got ta do to get you in my arms”




“What do I got ta say to get to your heart”


“To make you understand”


“How I need you next to me”


“Got ta get you in my world”


” ‘Cos baby I can’t sleep”


“Have you ever loved somebody so much (so much)


“It makes you cry”


“Have you.. Have you ever needed something”

fallen Anakin and Padme

“So bad you can’t sleep at night”


“Breaks you down inside”

Phoebe sadness

“Have you ever tried to find the words”


“But they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever… Have you ever”


“loved somebody (somebody) somebody so much it makes you cry”



“Have you ever needed something (so bad) so bad”


“You can’t sleep at night (just can’t sleep at night)


“Have you ever tried to find the words…”


“but they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever…ever…ever…”




“Have you ever”




Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting – All For Love

(Intro)Anakin and PadmeTHREE_MUSKETEERS-712_copyhannibal-lecterZankouwithKyraluke-leia-endor“When it’s love you make”Vader thinking of Padme“When it’s love you give” Piper-and-Leo-Season-1-piper-and-leo-7478434-1032-776“I’ll be a your man of good faith”OF on M_ori“When love you live”charmed710-2“I’ll make a stand I’ll won’t break”William Petersen“I’ll be the rock you can build on”charmed-then-and-now“Yeah”Anakin-Padme-anakin-and-padme-32757641-750-423“Be there when you’re old”ghost with Obi and Jinn“To have and to hold”Andy“When there’s love inside”charisma-carpenter-inline“I swear I’ll always be strong”Hannibal-Rising-gaspard-ullieljpg” And there’s a reason why”Only the journey“I’ll prove to you we belong”Hook“I’ll be the world that protects you”eldershq“Yeah”Anakin and Padme 1“From the wind and the rain”4x15-Cole-Phoebe-Marry“From the hurt and the pain”hannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560“Yeah…”Manhunter-Still3CR“Hey”young adult Hannibal“Let’s make it…”Chris and Michael“All for one”will-graham-hannibal“And all for love”anakin and padme (1)(short solo) Oded-oded-fehr-TM andTMRC.CarpenterHannibal-Rising-gaspard-ulliel-Anakin art

“Let the one you hold be the one you want”memory is a knife“The one you need”AH in Red Dragon” ‘Cos when it’s all for one”all four charmed ones“It’s one for all”Phoebe sadness“When there’s someone that you know”Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“Then just let your feelings show”“Make it”8x20-063-triad“All for one”Courtyard 2“All for love”rotj-end(small solo)child AnakinO_Fvlcsnap-ccAnakin pacing

“When it’s love you make”ColeandBalthasar“I’ll be a fire in your night”CC in a blue dress“Then it’s love you’ll take”Evil Queen“I will defend  I will fight”hannibal-season-3“I’ll be there when you need me”mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham“Yeah”avengers-villain-loki

“When honour’s at stake”Mr.Gold“This vow I will maketalldarkandhandsome“Yeah”boba_fett_meets_darth_vader“Then it’s…”IS_Ares_PH“All for one”4x19-094-cole-phoebe“And all for love”Chase and Angel“All for love”Phoebe_Meets_PJ“Let the one you hold be”hannibal-hannibal-lecter-clarice-starling-clannibal-ship-it“the one you want.”do I look like a killer“the one you need”OF in leather” ‘Cos when it’s all for one”you, lighten up“It’s one for all”Angel showing how to use a sword“Yeah”Ren“When there’s someone that you know”i-still-dont-know-why-i-survived-and-they-didnt“Then just let your feeling show”piper“Make it”KyraPink“All for one”more space battle“And all for love”Young Anakin and his mother“Don’t lay our love to rest”Luke being taken away

” ‘Cos we could stand up to the test”star-wars-dark-disciple-cover-book“We got everything”KyraPhoebevision1“And more”angeltvposter011“Than we had planned”ZankouwithKyra“More than the rivers”Guilin

“That run the land”Beautiful-Mountains-Rivers-Beaches-and-Waterfalls-in-San-Jose-jpg“We got it all”Leia han luke“In our hands…”HorisdedFehr“Yeah”OF(solo music) OdedFehrJoinsVrots sith lordsroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-Anakin so hotkylo_ren___star_wars_vii_tfa_by_junkisakuraba-d9987yehannibal-rising-stills-04Hannibal - Season 3Hannibal - Season 1hannibal-hannibal-tv-series-34286714-375-500rickmaDr. LecterEvil_wyattThe CrowNUP_130797_0193hannibal-laurence-fishburne-agent-jack-crawfordhannibal-rising_005Cole-Turner-charmed-22032025-459-3464x02-062-belthazor

“Now it’s…”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“All for one”Star-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677“and all for love”DV E6“it’s all for love”TEMBER“Let the one you hold be”Piper_Leo_4x01“the one you want”PipernandLeo14“the one you need”piper in pain” ‘Cos when it’s”amd-jackjoker-jpg“All for one”Magnigeto“It’s one for all”the desert“It’s one for all”Rouge One“When there’s someone that you know”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-“Then just let your feelings show”Spike and Cordelia“When there’s someone that you want”very hot OF“When there’s someone that you need”Hannibal-Rising-hannibal-lecter“Let’s make it…”Hannibal-3-9-And-the-Woman-Clothed-with-Sun-10“All….”hannibal (1)“All for one”Doc Oc“And all for love”Zankou





jessica lyrics IRRESISTABLE

(Intro)Oded FehrOF in BigalowOded-oded-fehr-O_FHorisdedFehrOF with his weapon of choiceCovert AffairsMumie90

“hmm…”veryhotOF“You know”AB dreamy eyes“I don’t know what it is”

Charisma11“but everything about you..”OF on M_ori“is so irresistible” oded-10“Don’t you try to tell me that he’s not my type”

OF with a crossbow“To hide what I feel inside”psychosis“When he makes me weak with desire”ZankouwithKyra“I know I’m supposed to make him wait”talldarkandhandsome“Let him think that I like the chase”spicxrac“but I can’t stop fanning the fire”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I know I meant to say no”Kyratakingadrink“but he’s irresistible”oded_fehr_03“Up close and personal”ZankouwithKyra“now inescapable”ABinthemummy“I can hardly breathe”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768“more then just”AB with Horis“physical deeper then spiritual”the desert“His ways are powerful”AB eyes“and irresistible to me”CC in a blue dress“I can hardly breathe”charisma-carpenter-inline“Yea, yea.. yea…”Cordelia“Don’t you think I am trying to tell my heart what’s right”cordy3a-216x273“That I should really say goodnight”charisma-carpenter“But I can’t stop myself from fallin”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768“Maybe I’ll tell him that I feel the same”C.C in red back ground“That I don’t want to play no game”Charisma Carpenter_In the Woods(No)charisma-carpenter-14c29“Cuz when I feel his arms wrapped around me”ZankouwithKyra“I know I meant to say no”Kyratakingadrink“I meant to say no”charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“but he’s irresistible”Zankou“Up close and personal”ZankouwithKyra“now inescapable”Oded-oded-fehr-TM andTMR“I can hardly breathe”CC-SB-32“I can hardly breathe”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“more then just”OF in a strip shirt“physical deeper then spiritual”oded_fehr09jpg“His ways are powerful”Ab and horis“irresistible to me”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-32111702-1024-768“Can’t you see”charisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usa“whenever he’s close to me”ZankouwithKyra“I really find it hard to breathe”KyraFirst“He’s so… irresistible”AB wishing well“baby, you know”veryhotOF“it’s more than just spiritual”ArianeScans_Oded“His kisses are so powerful”Particle_Swarm_Premonition“He’s so… irresistible”oneofZpowers“He’s so irresistible”talldarkandhandsome“But… he’s irresistible”OF in RE“Up close and personal”ZankouwithKyra“now inescapable”HorisdedFehr“I can hardly breathe”cordy2“I can hardly breathe”charisma-carpenter-14c29“more then just”OdedFehrJoinsV“physical deeper then spiritual”Only the journey“His ways are powerful”AB dreamy eyes“and irresistible to me”charisma-carpenter-veronica-mars-tv-series-2x09-hq-05-1250“but he’s irresistible”Oded-oded-fehr-“Up close and personal”ZankouwithKyra“now inescapable”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I can hardly breathe”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“irresistible to me”Charmed710_081“more then just”Energy_Blast_Zankou“physical deeper then spiritual”Oded Fehr“His ways are powerful”oded-10“irresistible to me”charisma_carpenter_


(Intro)OF in Bigalowcordelia (1)OdedFehrJoinsVcharmed710-2O_Fvlcsnap-ccOF in REroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-jpgOF with a crossbowCC on warehousOded-oded-fehr-Angel_cordeliaoded-fehr-photo-105OF in a strip shirt“An ache”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-“So deep”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450979_1024_768“That I”charisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usa“Can hardly breathe”why is this happening to me“This pain”cc_flirting_pic01_poster“Can’t be imagined”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“Will it ever heal?”charisma-carpenter-14c29“Ooh…. ooh…”oded_fehr_3“Ooh…ooh…”Oded Fehr“Your hand”OF on M_ori“So small”ArianeScans_Oded“Held a stand of my hair”ZankouwithKyra“So strong”talldarkandhandsome“All I could do”Charmed710_081“Was keep believing”KyraPink“Was that enough?”charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“Is anyone one there?”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“I WANNA SCREAM”charisma-carpenter--“Is this a dream?”cc_cheatersclub_cap“How could this happen?”C.C in red back ground“Happen to me?”why is this happening to me“This isn’t fair”cc_flirting_pic01_poster“This nightmare”charisma-carpenter“This kind of torture”Cordelia“I just can’t bear”CC“I WANT YOU HERE!”OF on M_ori(I want you here)ArianeScans_Oded“I WANT YOU HERE!”OF(I want you here)very hot OF“Ooh… ooh….”oded_fehr_03“Ooh…ooh…”Mumie90“I waited so long”psychosis“For you to come”oded_fehr_19“Then you were here”ZankouwithKyra“And now you’re gone”Kryasdeath“I was not prepared”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“For you to leave me”Particle_Swarm_Premonition“Oh this is misery”character_large_cordelia“Are you still there?”OF in leather

“I WANNA SCREAM”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-32111702-1024-768“Is this a dream?”Cordelia Chase“How could this happen?”cordy3a-216x273“Happen to me?”why is this happening to me“This isn’t fair”009-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-theredlist“This nightmare”charisma_carpenter_“This kind of torture”cordy2“I just can’t bear”charisma-carpenter-14c29“I WANT YOU HERE!”Oded-oded-fehr-(I want you here)veryhotOF“I WANT YOU HERE!”AB dreamy eyes(I want you here)OF with his weapon of choice“God help me”embrace with CC“God help me”“God help me”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-“Breathe”psychosis“I WANNA SCREAM”charimsa_2“Is this a dream?”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450979_1024_768“How could this happen?”episodes-Angel-Cordelia“Happen to me?”why is this happening to me“This isn’t fair”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“This nightmare”Charisma Carpenter_In the Woods“This kind of torture”Chase“I just can’t bear”CC in a blue dress“I WANT YOU HERE!”OF in Bigalow(I want you here)Ab and horis“I WANT YOU HERE!”ArianeScans_Oded(I want you here)Oded Fehr“I WANT YOU HERE!”AB dreamy eyes(I want you here)oded_fehr_3“I WANT YOU HERE!”Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou(I want you here)ZankouwithKyra“An ache” charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“So deep”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“That I”Seer2“Could hardly breathe”charisma-carpenter


Mariah Carey – Hero [Lyrics]

(Intro)veryhotOFvery hot OFWallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummythe desertOFCovert AffairsMumie90AB with HorisAB eyesAB dreamy eyesoded_fehr_03OF on the mummyOded Fehr“There’s a hero”OF on M_ori“If you look inside your heart”and he will never stop“You don’t have to be afraid of what you are”oded_fehr“There’s an answer”oded_fehr09jpg“If you reach into your soul”oded_fehr_3“And the sorrow that you know”OF in leather“Will melt away”Only the journey“And then a hero comes along”AB look“With the strength to carry on”ArianeScans_Oded“And you cast your fears aside”oded_fehr_19“And you know you can survive” OF with his weapon of choice“So when you feel like hope is gone”ABinthemummy“Look inside you and be strong”HorisdedFehr“And then you’ll finally see the truth”MMY_Oded_Fehr_006“That a hero lies in you”AB wishing well“It’s a long road”the desert“When you face the world alone;”oded_fehr_19“No one reaches out a hand for you to hold”and he will never stop“You can find love”ZankouwithKyra“If you search within yourself”Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou“And the emptiness you felt”Particle_Swarm_Premonition “Will disappear”ZankouwithKyra“And then a hero comes along”oded_fehr_03“With the strength to carry on”AB with Horis“And you cast your fears aside”very hot OF“And you know you can survive”Zankou“So, when you feel like hope is gone”this creature is the“Look inside you and be strong”OF with his weapon of choice“And you’ll finally see the truth”Oded Fehr“that a hero lies in you”oded_fehr_3“Ooh….Oh..”OF“Lord knows…”Covert Affairs“Dreams are hard to follow,”Ab and horis“But don’t let anyone”OF in a strip shirt“Tear them away”oded-fehr-photo-105“Hold on,”Oded-oded-fehr-“There will be tomorrow,”HorisdedFehr“In time you’ll find the away”ABinthemummy

“And then a hero comes along”OF with a crossbow“With the strength to carry on”talldarkandhandsome“And you cast your fears aside”OF in RE“And you know you can survive”oded-10“So, when you feel like hope is gone”O_F“Look inside you and be strong”OdedFehrJoinsV“And you’ll finally see the truth”Wallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummy“that a hero lies in you”OF on M_ori“that a hero lies in you”oded_fehr_3“Ooh….”OF in Bigalow“That a hero lies in….”AB dreamy eyes“YOU….”Oded-oded-fehr-TM andTMR

Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You


“Look into my eyes”

“You will see”

“What you mean to me”

“Search your heart”

“Search your soul”

“And when you find me there”

“You’ll search no more”

“Don’t tell me”

“It’s not worth trying for”

“You can’t tell me”

“It’s not worth dying for”

“You know it’s true”

“Everything I do”

“I do it for you”

(small solo)

“Look into your heart”

“You will find”

“There’s nothing here to hide”

“take me as I am”

“take my life”

“I would give it all”

“I would sacrifice”

“Don’t tell me”

“It’s not worth fighting for”

“I can’t help it”

“There’s nothing I want more”

“You know it’s true”

“Everything I do”

“I do it for you”

“Oh yeah”

“there’s no love”

“like your love”

“And no other”

“Could give more love”

“There’s no where”

“Unless you’re there”

“All the time”

“All the way…”



“Look into your heart,”



“Oh, you can’t tell me”

“It’s not worth trying for”

“I can’t help it,”

“There’s nothing I want more”

“Yeah, I’d fight for you”

“I’d lie for you”

“Walk the wire for you”

“Yeah, I’d die for you”

“You know it’s true”

“Everything I do”


“I do it for you”















Everytime we touch lyrics

“I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me”OF on M_ori“I still feel your touch in my dreams”oded-10“Forgive me my weakness…”cordelia (1)“But I don’t know why…”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-“Without you it’s hard to survive…”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768” ‘Cos every time we touch”ZankouwithKyra“I get this feeling”7x10-KyraLeo“And every time we kiss…”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I swear I can fly…” Charmed_7x03_001“Can’t you feel my heart beat fast”Seer2“I want this to last”angeltvposter011“Need you by my side!”OF on M_ori” ‘Cos every time we touch”ZankouwithKyra“I feel the static” C.C in red back ground“And every time we kiss…”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“I reach for the sky”C on the throne“Can’t you hear my heart beat slow”cordy3a-216x273“I can’t let you go”Oded Fehr“Want you in my life”ArianeScans_Oded(long solo)cordelia (1)oded_fehr_03charmed710-2OF on the mummyroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-jpgOded FehrCC on warehousArianeScans_OdedAngel_cordeliaoded-10OF on M_oripsychosisoneofZpowersroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-ZankouCC on AngelCharmed-Oded-Fehr-ZankouCC-SB-32talldarkandhandsomePsychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-AB dreamy eyesC.CarpenterAB eyesCharisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768AB with HorisCharisma11Mumie90CordeliaCovert AffairsCordelia-Chase-Season-2-cordelia-chase-23710231-1439-2000OFcharisma-carpenter-veronica-mars-tv-series-2x09-hq-05-1250the desertcharisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usaWallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummyCharisma-charisma-carpenter-450979_1024_768very hot OF009-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-theredlistveryhotOF

“Your arms are my castle”OF“Your heart is my sky”Mumie90“They wipe away tears that I cry”psychosis“The good and the bad times”charisma-carpenter“We’ve been through the more”charisma-carpenter-14c29“You make me rise”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“When I fall…”CC-SB-32” ‘Cos every time we touch”ZankouwithKyra“I get this feeling”KyraFirst“And every time we kiss…”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I swear I can fly…” charisma_carpenter_“Can’t you feel my heart beat fast”charisma-carpenter-inline“I want this to last”cordy3a-216x273“Need you by my side!”oded_fehr_03” ‘Cos every time we touch”ZankouwithKyra“I feel the static” Charmed710_081“And every time we kiss…”KyraPink“I reach for the sky”Charisma Carpenter_In the Woods“Can’t you hear my heart beat slow”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“I can’t let you go”ArianeScans_Oded“Want you in my life”Wallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummy(long solo)cc_flirting_pic01_posterveryhotOFwhy is this happening to mevery hot OFCC in a blue dressWallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummycharisma-carpenterthe desertCharisma-charisma-carpenter-32111702-1024-768OFcordy3a-216x273Covert Affairscharisma-carpenter-inlineMumie90charisma_carpenter_AB with HorisC on the throneAB eyescordy2AB dreamy eyes

” ‘Cos every time we touch”ZankouwithKyra“I get this feeling”charisma-carpenter-inline“And every time we kiss…”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“I swear I can fly…” CC in a blue dress“Can’t you feel my heart beat fast”Charisma11“I want this to last”charisma-carpenter-veronica-mars-tv-series-2x09-hq-05-1250“Need you by my side!”oded_fehr_03

Hell is living without you – Alice Cooper lyrics

(Introduction)charmed710-2embrace with CCvlcsnap-ccpsychosisCharisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450979_1024_768cc_flirting_pic01_postercharisma-carpentercordy2cc_cheatersclub_capZankouwithKyracharisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18Charisma_Charmed_PromoParticle_Swarm_PremonitiontalldarkandhandsomeCharmed-Oded-Fehr-ZankouZankoucharisma-carpenter-14c29charisma-carpenter--cordy3a-216x273

“I can’t find your face…”OF on M_ori“in a thousand masqueraders…”oded-10“You’re hidden in the colors…”ArianeScans_Oded“of a million other lost charaders…”Oded Fehr“In life’s big parade.”psychosis“I’m the loneliest spectator…”charmed710-2“Cuz you’re gone without a trace”OF on the mummy“in a sea of faceless imitators…”talldarkandhandsome(Ooh..oh..)charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“I can’t take another night…”Psychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-

(Ooh..oh..)CC on Angel“Burning inside this…”CC-SB-32“Hell is living without…”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-“your love ain’t nothin’ your…”oded_fehr_03“touch me…”ZankouwithKyra“Heaven would be like hell…”vlcsnap-cc“Is living without you…”“Try to walk away…”Kryasdeath“When I see the time I’ve wasted…”KyraPhoebevision1“Starving at a feast”7x10-KyraLeo“And all this wine I’ve never tasted…”Kyratakingadrink“On my lips your memory has been stained…”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“Is it all in vain?”spicxrac“Tell me who’s to blame?”charisma-carpenter-charmed-703-03(Yeah…)Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou(Ooh..oh..)Zankou(small solo)KyraEnergy_Blast_Zankou

“I can’t take another night…”cordelia (1)

(Ooh..oh..)Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768“Burning inside this…”cc_flirting_pic01_poster“Hell is living without your..”cc_cheatersclub_cap“love ain’t nothin’ without your…”Oded Fehr“touch me…”ZankouwithKyra“Heaven would be like hell”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“is living without you…”talldarkandhandsome“Nights get longer and colder”Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou“I’m down and begging to hold ya…”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“On my own…”charisma-carpenter-14c29“and I feel like…”C.C in red back ground“hell is living without you…”ArianeScans_Oded“Living without you…”oded_fehr_03“Living without you…”oded-10(long solo)cordelia (1)oded_fehr_03charmed710-2OF on the mummyvlcsnap-ccOded FehrArianeScans_Odedroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-oded-10Psychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-OF on M_oriCordelia-Chase-Season-2-cordelia-chase-23710231-1439-2000talldarkandhandsome

Ooh…Seer2“Hell is living without…”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“your love Ain’t nothin’ without your…”Zankou

“touch me…”ZankouwithKyra“Heaven would be like hell”charisma-carpenter-inline“is living without you…”Chase“Nights get longer and colder…”why is this happening to me“I’m down and begging to hold ya…”charisma-carpenter“on my own”charisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usa“and I feel like hell is living without you…”CC-SB-32(solo)CC on AngelCharisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768Psychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-“Ooh…”psychosis(solo)charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18KyratakingadrinkZankouwithKyraKyraPhoebevision1KryasdeathKyraFirstCharisma_Charmed_PromoCharmed_7x03_001Seer2Particle_Swarm_PremonitiontalldarkandhandsomeCharisma-carpenter-single-01charisma-carpenter-charmed-703-03Charmed-Oded-Fehr-ZankouCharmed710_081