Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is (With Lyrics)

(Intro music)Angel showing how to use a swordChase and Angelcordelia (1)charmed710-2embrace with CCvlcsnap-ccroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-jpgCC on warehousAngel_cordeliapsychosisroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-CC on Angelepisodes-Angel-CordeliaCC-SB-32“I got to take a little time,”Psychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-“A little time to think things over”Chase“I better read between the lines,”Spike and Cordelia“In case I need it when I’m older”charisma-carpenter-burn-notice-usa“Aah… whoa-ah-aah”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450979_1024_768“Now this mountain I must climb,”cc_flirting_pic01_poster“Feels like the world is upon my shoulders”why is this happening to me“Through the clouds I see love shine,”Charisma11“It keeps me warm as life grows colder”Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768“In my life”charisma-carpenter“There’s been heartache and pain”psychosis“I don’t know”“If I can face it again”Cordelia-Chase-Season-2-cordelia-chase-23710231-1439-2000“Can’t stop now,”CC in a blue dress“I traveled so far,”cordy2“To change this lonely life”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“I wanna know what love is,”charisma-carpenter-14c29“I want you to show me”OF on M_ori“I wanna feel what love is”Cordelia“I know you can show me”OF in leather“Aah… whoa-oh-ooh”CC(soft solo)charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GCC.C in red back groundCordelia Chasecharisma-carpenter-inlinecharisma_carpenter_“I’m gonna take a little time,”charisma-carpenter--“A little time to look around me”C.C in red back ground“I’ve got nowhere left to hide,”Charmed710_081“It looks like love has finally found me”ZankouwithKyra“In my life”charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“There’s been heartache and pain”Kyra“I don’t know”Charisma-carpenter-single-01“If I can face it again”Kyratakingadrink“Can’t stop now,”KyraPhoebevision1“I traveled so far,”KyraPink“To change this lonely life”charisma-carpenter-charmed-703-03“I wanna know what love is,”7x10-KyraLeo“I want you to show me”talldarkandhandsome“I wanna feel what love is”KyraFirst“I know you can show me”Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou“I wanna know what love is,”CC close up“I want you to show me”OF in Bigalow(and I wanna feel) CC. wearing purple“I wanna feel what love is”Charisma Carpenter attends The Rally For Kids With Cancer Scavenger Cup's "Qualifiers" Celebrity Draft Party at Muzik on September 24th, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.(and I know)charmed710-2“I know you can show me”AB dreamy eyes“Let’s talk about love”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC(I wanna know what love is)Charisma Carpenter_In the Woods“the love that you feel inside”cordy3a-216x273(I want you to show me)oded_fehr_3“I’m feeling so much love”charisma-carpenter22(I wanna feel what love is)Kyra showing off her tat“no, you just cannot hide”Kyra close up(I know you can show me)very hot OF“yeah-whoa-oh-ooh”Ats-Season-2-Promotional-Shoot-cordelia-chase-“I wanna know what love is,”Chase and Angel“let’s talk about love”Cordyi(I want you to show me)Wallpapers071-Ar_OdedFehr_TheMummy“I wanna feel it too”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-(I wanna feel what love is)Charisma-charisma-carpenter-450917_1024_768“I wanna feel it too”charisma-carpenter-inline“And I know, and I know,”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“I know you can show me”oded-10“Show me what is real”green top that CC wore“whoa, (whoa)”Angel showing how to use a sword“Yeah I know”Charisma11(I wanna know what love is)CC in a blue dress“Hey I wanna know what love”cordy3a-216x273(I want you to show me)Ab and horis“I wanna to know, I wanna to know”Ats-Season-1-Promotional-Shoot-cordelia-chase“want to know”CC. wearing purple



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