Dark Lady Kira’s Bio

Name: Kira Maria
Gender: Female.
Species: Human.
Birth Date: 39.9 years BBY.
Age: 19-20
Height: 5’3-5’4
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: reddish-brown
Eye Color: brown or Yellow-Orange
Affiliation: Jedi Order/Empire
Rank: Jedi apprentice during clone wars/unused rank during the Empire

BIOGRAPHY: Kira Maria was born on Sern Prime where she was picked up by a jedi at a young age and raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When the time came she became a jedi apprentice to Rees Alrix and fought in the Clone Wars. By the time Order 66 came,19-20 year old, Kira somehow managed to survive and got away to live on her own. At this point, She wanted nothing to do with the rebellion or the Empire.

Being strong in the force, Kira was taken at a young age and trained as a jedi apprentice. Her focus was in using the force. She went with the side of the Consular. She studied all forms of lightsaber combat but focus her attention on Form III: Soresu with a touch of Form V: Djem So. Her passive aggressive style will continue to be used during her sith apprenticeship with Darth Vader. Powers: Telekinesis, such as force push and force pull, Combustion, and other abilities include: force grip, force choke, force lightning, force wave, force whirlwind, and saber throw

Dark Lady Kira


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