Shona/Mistress of Darkness bio

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Shona Marthe

Nickname: once known as Mistress of Darkness

Once known as: Mistress of Darkness (300,000 years old), Mistress of Fire (10,000 years old, Mistress Darkness, Fire, and Ice 37Aby)

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Birth Planet: Onderon

Location: Onderon

Birth Date: 12 ABY

Became Immortal: Mistress of Darkness became one with her vessel Shona on 6-19. She has been released from the dagger and has granted Shona immortality

Age: 25

Height: 5’3-5’4

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: fire orange, now blue

Skin Color: snow white

Lips: Rose Red

Affiliation: Sith Sorceress as well as Sith Magic and Alchemy

Force Sensitive: Yes

Family: As Mistress of Darkness family unknown
As Shona Daughter to Rachel Marthe father unknown

BIOGRAPHY: (300,000 BBY) A young girl who was small for her age, red hair, and fair skin had grown up knowing that she was different from so many. One day she felt someone reaching out to her not realizing that it would change her life in ways she would not be able to fully understand. When she got to the Academy she was confused as to why she was brought there, but in time she had no problems fitting right in and even came to being on the top of her class. As time passed for her she very easily picked up on how to deal with spells and enchantments. She also was good at designing her own weapons with ease. In time she came to make a dagger that she was able to turn into a weapon that if anyone ever came a threat to her it would become their undoing. She called it the dark dagger.  As time started to pass she grew even more beautiful then she could allow anyone to think. She was very dedicated to her studies and even came to call herself Mistress. However, it wasn’t a person she referred to. As she studied she came close to darkness. This fed her in ways no human could ever.

The first 100,000 years of her being alone she came closer to darkness. Instead of allowing herself to become close to another being she only focused her attention on what she had learned as well as continued to study. The only thing that mattered to her was the darkness that took her in. She accepted this as well as that maybe she was always meant to be alone. She believed that at one point, a person has to decide between their surrounding and environment or the people in it. She chose the latter. She didn’t care about the people around her. The only thing she cared about was improving what she had learned and accepted that “Darkness was her true teacher”. Anything away from that was only a distraction to her. She would remain loyal to her purpose whatever that might have meant at the time. She was well traveled as well as well diverse. In time however, she began to change. Her heart had started to become cold and the fire that burned inside of her turned to ice. She had no idea what this meant but accepted it as for who she was. She had learned how to control the fire and now she controls the ice. As time continued to pass she would learn to control all elements of the sky, earth, and sea. Animals had bow down to her and came to her aid when needed. This however was not enough. The longer she kept to herself the more she went thought changes. Some of them were on the grander scale while others caused her to fall deeper into chaos. Before long she started to crave the attention of being in war and even caused several of them herself. A new desire came across her one she did not expect and before to long she was learning to adapt to the newest cravings that she started to have. She before long was taking weapons and turning them into new ways to cause harm. Not just to the enemy but to those who were close to one another. Friends would become enemies and enemies would become friends. Lovers would turn against each other. Blood was being spilled and this was only causing whatever inside of Mistress more pleasure then anything anyone could give her. She was becoming something that she had no control over and no longer even cared what her actions were causing.

The second 100,000 of begin separated: With War now a major part of Mistress’ life her powers have come to be very deadly. At this point she had control of all elements. (the warrior side) Due to being away from her once place that she called home she notice that she was not the young women that she started out being. Not only did her powers of darkness grow but she became a fighter. Her weapon skills were quite impressive. She learned how to not only enchant such weapons but became very effective of them. Her favorite were the two daggers, but she also knew how to use a sword one handed as well as two handed. Other fighting styles include staff, if need be a shield, and if for whatever reason there was an odd weapon in the mix she could very quickly pick it up. However, what made her really aggressive was that she found a way to be able to mix her warrior side with her force, magic, and alchemy. This is what helped her through the centuries. She became something so magnificent no one even knew what to truly call her. She was a walking beauty to some while to others they thought they had met Death. Beauty on the outside but deadly on the inside. She could kill without thinking and moved on as if she was floating on the ground she walked. War was what she had come to enjoy most of all. At one point she discovered on how to make villages disappear without even thinking about it. A storm is what some would call her. The darkness that had entered her had everything she needed. Love at this point meant nothing to her. As her heart had closed she found destroying lives of others much more satisfying. Something inside of her had died. She now only wanted to punish those she felt that needed to be in such a manor that some wondered if she had anything left inside of her. The dark cloud surrounded her and refused to let up. The more she tried to resist at first the more it wrapped itself around her. She needed to be released but could never find the way to do so. War was breaking out all over the place. The ancient Sith and Jedi were becoming more aggressive toward the other. The fights were never ending. She even decided to become part of some of the wars that didn’t really involve her. During this time of her life she never loved anyone. She created storms as well as caused plagues. She didn’t have a place that she called home. The Galaxy was hers for the taking and yet she never desired such things. Maybe at one point, but that was soon forgotten. She no longer cared about finding someone whom might accept her. The more she pushed away the more darkness had entered her and that is what she craved. It was all she needed. Then one day she came across a tribe that looked like they could use help. At first she refused, but then decided that maybe she might just be able to take charge so she agreed to help. In the end, everyone in the tribe was killed as she moved on. She slaughtered innocence and moved on. There was nothing inside of her at this point. If there was anything that might have saved her it was burred deep down. She didn’t think anyone could bring her back from what she was becoming.

Dealing with King of Onderon  has shown up three different times in Mistress life. The first time was when Mistresses of Darkness was known as Mistress of Fire. When Mistress lost her memories some time between 100,000 BBY and 300,000 BBY Mistress changed her name to fit more of her fire personality. So she became known as Mistress of Fire. In 10,000 BBY, This was roughly the time frame that she met the King even though at that time he was not King. He was a warrior for his tribe. At this time, he had lost most of his family in one of the many wars that was going on in 10,000 BBY. When Mistress showed up he people where all but defeated. Evalac and Mistress came to an agreement that she would help him gain back what was lost if he would allow her to continue her skills and put what she had worked so hard for into practice. He agreed to these terms. So as a partnership formed so did his lust for her. Over time she had built up his armies as well as helped him defeat those around him. She became something much more as she lead the wars that came. She also enchanted his weapons so they could be more useful. As well as amulets and anything else that they could think of. There came a time where Mistress and Evalac were lovers but this was short lived. Evalac’s sister did not trust Mistress at all and held a grudge against her. One evening when Evalac and Mistress were together in her quarters his sister walked in and caught the two of them together. Well, Mistress could not have this information get out and secretly had his sister killed. This caused a chain reaction which lead to Mistress killing everyone and cursing the King. (Was declared King at this point in time. However, do to the curse that Mistress put on the King he would hunt her down for all eternity. As well as wanting her to be punished for wiping everyone out. They did not meet up again until 3,000 BBY.

In the mean time, Mistress of Fire went out and decided that she would consider just what she was meant to do. She did work along side others as well as caused many problems during the 100 year Darkness. (7000 BBY- 6900 BBY) At roughly this time between (8000-5000 BBY) She had caused several plagues that wiped out multitude of people on the Planet of Onderon. She had also caused massive issues on several other planets as well. She worked along side several Sith one of them being Ajunta Pall, as well as Naga Sadow, Freedom Nadd, and Exar Kun. (It was Exar Kun that helped Mistress out later on after her death)

3000 BBY Mistress met up with the King again. However, this was where things did not work out for Mistress. In the end she was killed. At this time, The King had a sorceress that has the ability that allows her to see how to bring down Empires. She knows how to search for weaknesses as well as being able to read people’s mind. She knows how to enchant items such as weapons, amulets, etc… She can also redirect such things as fire balls. She knows how to use curses. How the King and Sorceress met Mistress does not know for she was not around during that time. Mistress only met the Sorceress once when she was killed. This was when the “Dark Dagger” came in use. Mistress was able to put her soul in the “Dark Dagger” until the day she was finally able to be released.

3,000 BBY until Present the “Dark dagger” was in the hands of the King until it was taken away from him. For a long time the dagger was lost and went through many hands until the day the dagger was placed in a cave on Yavin 4. “The Dagger” was there until someone strong enough was able to claim it. This would become known as Mistress’ vessel. Mistress went though several mortal vessels before Kira came into play. At this time, Mistress lead her to the cave on Yavin 4 where Kira passed every test and was granted the dagger. However, this did not last and a young woman named Shona took over the dagger until the day that Mistress was brought back from the dagger and became one with her vessel

37 ABY: Mistress Fire or also known as Shona:
Update: 7/17 known as Mistress of Darkness, Fire and Ice

Shona was born and raised on Onderon as a Sith witch. She was taught by her mother Rachel Marthe on how to use dark magic as well as developing her Sith natural abilities. While she was still young it was hinted many times that she should not let anyone touch her. So Shona would keep her focus on learning the ways of the “dark side” of the force. When she was around five years old she found herself becoming interested in fire. This seem to mesmerism her for some reason. One morning, when she was about 8 her mother left, and she decided to play with her power of being able to make fireballs. This was new to her and ended up causes some mischief with it. Instead of staying inside she went out and burned down a couple of old shacks that were falling apart anyway. When her mother got word of this she was punished which turned her skin ash, and her eyes became that of the fire that she had caused. At the age of ten, Shona was still causing mischief as her other powers started to become a part of her.

Age 15: Shona learned how to play with heat and one day caused a massive heatwave. This made her mother furious and caused her skin to burn when touched. So now not only was her skin permanently white if anyone touches her their hand will burn. This started to make her feel unwanted and undesired, but it did not stop her from causing more chaos. She had no idea that her desire was to watch something or someone burn. This became a massive arousal for her. At the age of 16, Rachel took her daughter to be tested. This would mean that she would have to be placed in a burning building and would have to survive it. This was something that she did do. Shona was able to control the fire while being in the building. This surprised her mother to some degree. Most mortals can’t survive a burning building and yet Shona did. At the age of 18, She was able to find away to make it to where if someone touched her they would not get harmed. It would be like touching something warm, but not hot.

Age 20: She decided to go travel the world and to see what it had to offer. She did always go back home where she felt most welcome. She didn’t care about not fitting in for she enjoyed being alone. This allowed her to do what she pleased without having to answer to anyone.

Now age 25: She has started to talk to a Jedi apprentice with some others to get a feel for what is going on around her. Even though she enjoys her solitary and being able to do as she feels. It did feel good to see what others had to say as long as they did not annoy her. She was more of the quiet type that loved to watch destruction as well as causing someone or something to burn. Since she has never been touched by anyone and thought it would be better off. That way she doesn’t have to explain of what goes on. Maybe one day someone would accept this part of her, but she was in no hurry and enjoyed being able to do as she pleased as long as it did not break any codes or rules, but then again what rules did she not break when she was younger. Only time will tell how the rest of her life will go as she continues to explore what was around her.

Mistress of Darkness powers: (the same as Shona’s just has a longer list) She can control all elements, as well as solar flares, she can cause plagues, ground quakes,
tidal waves, she can bring upon death as she sees fit, as well as stopping someone’s heart without even touching them. Her mind control is like none other and has no problems bringing people down to their knees. She also has animal control which allows her to not only talk to animals but control them as well. She is very sharp and knows how to defend herself. Cloaking is something that she does so that she can protect her new body so it does not get harmed from water. She can also use such powers as force push/pull, levitation, as well as force lightning though she doesn’t use it as much. She knows how to create such things as poison. She can summon the dead if she needs to as well as bring someone back to life. She has other abilities too but for the most part does not use them unless she has to.

(pretty much repeat but full list for MOD) she had control of all elements. This included fire, ice, earth, wind, darkness, shadows, lightning, and more. The element she used most was Fire. This include: Flame Burst, Flare, Firewall, Heatwave, and Firestorm. Her second power that she came attuned to was Ice. Ice include: Freezing Touch, Crystallize, Ice Shard, Ice Bolt, Hailstorm, Snow Blizzard, Glacial Blast, and Ice Storm. This was fallowed by Water. Water includes: Mist, Fog, Light Rainfall, Rainfall storm, and if she is close to a body of water Tidewaves. Air/Wind was the last that she picked up. This includes: anywhere from a genital breeze, blast of air (this can be great or small), a wall of air, windstorm, tornado like storm, static discharge/charge, and lighting. This was just a touch of how much her powers have grown. When it came to her Sith Alchemy this even improved by a lot. She was able to create at this point any weapon such as swords, daggers, dark armor, any potion. She was truly advance for her years and only got better as time went by. She was also able to speak to the animals of the wild without any issues. Other abilities also include being able to bring people back from the dead as well as taking their souls. Now when it comes to her more force powers this includes: force pull and push, force persuasion (mind speak, receptive and protective telepathy), force levitation, force sense, force absorb/Dissipate Energy, force shield, farseeing, force masking, force dark Aura, Force of Dark Shadow, force choke hold, force Illusions, and force lighting.

Passive powers: (Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective) Telepathy, Force Masking, Force Sense, Force Shield, Force Dark Aura, teleport, telekinesis

Sorcery Abilities: Being able to enchant items (such as: daggers, Sith Amulets, etc…)

Active powers: Fire: (Flame Burst, Flare, Fireball, Firewall, and Heatwave) Ice:

Future powers: Force Illusions, Force Beast Language, others to come at a later date when all is said and done she will have control over: water, earth, fire, nature, darkness, light, lightning, and ice (this is in no order), and shadows

Melee weapons: She carries two daggers one on each side of her hip (Left hip is her Rose dagger. Right hip is her dark dagger) Rose dagger is used for defense. Dark dagger is used for cutting someone’s heart out if she doesn’t decide to just burn them instead. Her dark dagger is also used for piercing someone’s soul. The dark dagger is design for stealing souls once the body has been pierced (Update she now has other daggers that are in play another update: she now carries the sword that her dark love has given her)

Strengths: She is a fighter that loves to watch things or people burn when she gets the opportunity. She is not very out spoken and does not like to be touched, but will have someones back when in need. Even if they are the enemy and it is the right thing to do. She will always try to do the right thing as long as it is needed. Other wise she will stay out of other people’s problems. When it comes to loyalty she is the most loyal person you will meet. She will not turn her back when someone is in need. Again this includes the enemy.

Weakness: She is not a very open person which can cause friction with people. When it comes to her needs she may not think twice about someone else, but will have no problem watching them burn if they keep pestering her. She does have a temper. She hates being touched in any capacity. Also she will get drawn in when something or someone is being burned. This is her Achilles heel. She can not resist a good burning to watch. If she focus for too long she will not think about watching her back which could cause an enemy to take the advantage point.

“Mistress of Darkness”

fire witch

“Mistress of Fire”

sith eyes

“Mistress of Darkness, Fire, and Ice”

girl with black hair and red lips

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