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(Intro)Jason M as AJason M while onLeia han lukeOF with a crossbowrots sith lordsObi-Wan and Anakin Slants of Light dkjfepisodes-Angel-CordeliaStar-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656kylo3HT_star_wars3_ml_AH in Red DragonHannibal-Rising-gaspard-ulliel-Hannibal - Season 1Hannibal - Season 1hannibal-season-3-recap-the-theater-of-hannibal-s-death-in-s03e04-aperitivo-will-and-h-476809rickmaHookThe CrowIS_Ares_PHamd-jackjoker-jpgNUP_130797_0193young adult Hannibal“Well, it’s midnight”Hannibal-Lecter-Will-Graham-hannibal-tv-series-“Damn right”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“We’re wound up too tight”Arthur_Curry_meeting_Bruce_Wayne(break)justice-league-movie-image-aquaman-1-600x311what do you want lookJason M as AAquaman JLJM as Aquaman“I got fist full of whiskey”Jason M as A“the bottle just bit me”Aquaman AKA JM(break)Aquaman-1Jason M while onjason_momoa___wolves_“Ooh…”aquaman___dawn_of_justice_hd“That shit makes me bat shit crazy”B v A in JL(break)justice-league-movie-image-aquaman-5-600x309Arthur_Curry_meeting_Bruce_Waynewhat do you want lookkhal-drogo-jason-momoa

“We got no fear no doubt all in balls out”jason-momoa-0(break)D BaneAnakin so hotstarwarstheforceawakens-kyloren“We’re going out tonight (hey)”Movies Sith“To kick out every light (hey)”Star-Wars-Attack-of-the-Clones-mace-windu-11897563-1600-680“To take anything we want (hey)”many sith“To take everything in sight (hey)”destroyed temple SWTOR“We’re goin’ til the world stops turning”11767-star-destroyers-star-wars-1920x1080-movie-wallpaper“While we burn it to the ground at night”temple ruin(break)Young Anakin and his motherAnakin and Padme 1Anakin killing separtistsStar-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677CodyAnakin killing tuskensOrder 66 in the templeKylo Ren without maskTheForceAwakensHan being torturedDV E4“We’re screaming like demons”TEMBER“Swingin’ from the ceiling”Cannibal Thanksgiving(break)avengers-villain-lokiNUP_130797_0193THREE_MUSKETEERS-712_copyMr.Gold

“I got a fist full of fifties”The Crow“Tequila just hit me”young adult Hannibal(break)Manhunter-Still3CRPanginSkeletorhannibal-season-3

“Ooh…”ustv-hugh-dancy-hannibal-5“We got no class, no taste, no shirt and shit faced”Palpatine and Anakin(break)Oded-oded-fehr-TM andTMROF with a crossbowJafar1

OF in a strip shirt

“We got them lined up”Order 66 in the temple“Shot down firing back straight crown”destroyed temple SWTOR(break)TempusBarbas4x02-062-belthazorJeremy_Burns_h1

“We’re going out tonight (hey)”ares____god_of_war_by_youngphoenix3191-d50jphs“To kick out every light (hey)”3x19-Cole-Brotherhood“To take anything we want (hey)”Joker“To take everything in sight (hey)stormtroopers“We’re goin’ til the world stops turning”TheForceAwakens“While we burn it to the ground at night”Kylo Ren in bigger pic form(break)Imperal ships-CodyRise Lord VaderAnakin marchingOrder 66 in the templeAnakin killing separtistsObi-Wan getting struck downLuke Vs VaderLuke vs vader #2C DookuChristopher-Lee white wizardCount-Dooku-christopher-lee-2509347-800-600Ankin Obi-Wan fightVaderrotsEmperor getting tossed9916_star_wars_darth_vaderVader-on-HothVader following ordersVader show upVader on LothalDV on LothalLeia_fighting_Vader_on_Mimban_EGFVader having wordsVader in ROTJLukevaderrotj7wpid-obi-wanvsanakin-11anakinholofightObi-Wan vs VaderVader_Force_chokes_MottiOzzel_croaksHan being torturedCloud City fightQui-Gondarth_maul_sith_lords_1attackoftheclonesbdcap8_originalQui-Gon,Maul,KenobiQui-Gon being struck throughfederation control shipdarth(evil laughter)Emperor_RotJx-wingLuke vs vader #2Lukevaderrotj7DM and his lovelightsabercontinue with Order 66Darth-Vader-Wallpaper-4

“Tickin’ like a time bomb”justice-league-movie-image-aquaman-1-600x311“Drinkin’ til the nights gone”Jason M as A(break)Aquaman-1Aquaman JLJM as AquamanJM in black and white

“Get your hands off this glass”Schnapsglas_grüner_Chartreuse“last call my ass”Arthur_Curry_meeting_Bruce_Wayne(break)Jason M in GOTkhal-drogo-jason-momoamomoa_aquaman_jason_momoa___wolves_

“No chain no lock and this train won’t stop”Jason M while on(break)Jason MomoaJM in GOTmomoa_aquaman_

“We got no fear no doubt all in balls out”jason-momoa-0(break)Empress with SKSK and ESKWarriorTheSK

“We’re going out tonight (hey)”“To kick out every light (hey)”scorpion-king“To take anything we want (hey)”“To take everything in sight (hey)“We’re goin’ til the world stops turning”Onderon“While we burn it to the ground at night”(break)CC. wearing purplevlcsnap-ccCC on Angel“We’re going out tonight (hey)”this creature is the“To kick out every light (hey)”OF with his weapon of choice“To take anything we want (hey)”Jafar1“To take everything in sight (hey)Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou“We’re goin’ til the world stops turning”Particle_Swarm_Premonition“While we burn it to the ground at night”(end)justice-league-movie-image-aquaman-5-600x309




















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