Ardeth Malchijah’s bio

Ardeth Malchijah’s bio

*updates will come as the story progresses*
*based on 40 ABY*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Ardeth Malchijah

Nickname: asshole (by Shona), dark Angel (by Kira only), Angel of Death

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Birth Planet: Onderon

Planet Raised on: Serenno

Location: Coruscant lower levels

Birth Date: pre- ABY

Age: 43

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180 Ibs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: brown

Skin Color: tan

Affiliation: Sith Sorcerer
Empire: TBD

Force Sensitive: Yes


Family: Mother: It is unknown as well as his bio father. However, at a very young age he was taken in and became adopted family to Lucien Valdovas since there is only a three year gap between the two
Adopted family: Lucien Valdovas (like a brother or maybe even a cousin) works very close with Lucien while in the night club Outlander Club
Kira Aithne: possible love interest but finds her very amusing even though she is not Sith or wants nothing to do with the sith
Shona Custelle: Once Master to Shona. He taught her the ways of Sith Sorcery even under the watchful eye of Lucien… Who cares deeply for Shona

BIOGRAPHY: Born pre ABY on the planet of Onderon Ardeth Malchijah was adopted by Lucien’s father. It was never understood why this was the case but when the time came Ardeth would be an older brother or cousin to Lucien. As time has passed by and Ardeth was roughly around the age of 5 he started to show just how good manipulative he would become. Lucien was only 2 when Ardeth was able to cause havoc in ways that most would not understand. His powers were already becoming aggressive as well as challenging. By the time Ardeth became 8 he was already learning the ways of sorcery which caused Lucien to wonder what path he was meant to take. At the age of 10, Ardeth had killed several of his mentors and his ruthless had really shown though. He was going to prove there was no one who could challenge him. Ardeth became so ruthless that many started to call him “The Angel of Death.” As Lucien saw this changes were going to happen and at that point Lucien made up his mind to go a different rout than what Ardeth had chosen. Five years later Malchijah was the one many would think who would become ruler and it was a thought that he had. Power was just something that he claimed. It was his way with people, however, that allowed him to get to where he was at even though he was only 15. Some time between the age of 13 and 15 a child was brought to his and Lucien’s attention. Ardeth had no interest in the infant but Lucien for some reason did and named the child. It wasn’t until Shona was eight and he was 21 that Ardeth would take her to be his official apprentice. Because he was able to prove how good he was in Sith Sorcery he had blown everyone away and became a master of Sorcery. Of course he had to go through many trial to get where he was at, but by the time he was 18 there was no question that he was ready to advance. It was never really known who trained him, but it didn’t really matter since anyone who got near him was killed soon after. He did not let anyone live whom he thought could challenge him. Lucien was an exception to that rule. For whatever reason Ardeth allowed Lucien to follow, but some would wonder who was the true manipulator between the two. Some thought it was Ardeth while others thought it was Lucien who, at this time, started to become very good at playing “the game.” It wasn’t until Ardeth took Shona as his apprentice that the two of them started to challenge the other. Even though Ardeth did end up becoming Shona’s official master he later found out that Lucien went behind his back and also started to train her. This is where the relationship between the two started to change. A massive fight broke out between the two and Onderon was in ruins which caused both of them to flee. Lucien went to Tython, and Ardeth took Shona to Serenno. As time passed Ardeth was pleased to see how well his apprentice was adapting and learning. However, while Shona was gone some beauty had caught his attention. He found himself becoming attracted to her as he continue to watch. There was something about her that made him wonder and not realizing that his apprentice whom did go back was watching. He never knew why Shona never completed her training but did not give a second thought to it. This other women had some how caused something to stir inside of him, and was putting his focus on that. Do to the fact that he had not seen or heard from Lucien for so long he was shocked when he got the message that he was wanted on Coruscant. This made him wonder as well as almost delighted him. Now that he was 43 much has changed and this meet up would really test to see who the superior was. What Ardeth did not know was that his former apprentice will also be their as well as the women that he took an interest in. As he prepares for the confrontation on Coruscant much could happen. A challenge has been placed and now it was time to answer the call.


Passive powers: healing, mind control, and telepathic, force cloak

Active powers: Telekinesis, such as force push and force pull, Combustion, master of force lightning that can turn someone into dust. Force Choke is the same way, Force stealth, Shatterpoint, Battle meditation, Force blinding, Force cloak, Force drain, Force fear (which also includes force horror and force insanity), force illusion, Force Storm, Force persuasion, Force Whisper, Force wound (includes: Force choke, Force grip, and Force crush) as well as Levitation, Midi-chlorian manipulation, Mind trick and control, Force Confusion, force Hearing
force Sight, force Smell, force Strength and more

Future powers: none

Melee weapons: None

Combat: Totally relies on the force. Refuses to use any type of man made weapon

Personality: Charming as fuck, witty, can work with others but has no problem deceiving those that he works with, strategist, manipulative, Intelligent, and ruthless

Strengths: Intelligent and ruthless, his understanding of the human nature made him able to manipulate and prey on the weaknesses of his enemies.

Weakness: can be way to cocky, but is damn good at doing so. If he shows his cockiness it is because he is about to get his way. He is also arrogant as well as showing off his master mind and charms. He is use to getting what he wants and how he wants. Nothing stops him in his tracks. He doesn’t know when to back off and let someone else take lead and always has a second agenda

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