Bio for Kira Aithne

Bio for Kira Aithne

*updates will come as the story progresses*
*based on 40 ABY*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Kira Aithne

Nickname: rebel

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birth Planet: Sern Prime

Planet she was raised on for a time: Serenno

Location: Coruscant lower levels

Birth Date: 7 ABY

Age: 33

Height: 5’7

Weight: 140 Ibs.

Hair Color: reddish-brown/brown

Eye Color: brown

Skin Color: fare

Affiliation: No
Empire: wants nothing to do with it

Force Sensitive: Yes


Family: Mother a once Jedi by the name of Marita Aithne Father was not a Jedi but a once Sith or so that has been said name unknown
Ardeth Malchijah has been keeping any eye on Kira since she arrived at Sereenno even though she does not know it
Shona Custelle: Kira cannot stand Shona. If there is anyone in the group she could kill it would be her.
Lucien Valdovas: Kira finds him to be very charming and amusing. She would give her life up for him, but does not have an attraction to him.

BIOGRAPHY: Born on Sern Prime Kira Aithne was discover but because of what had happen was moved to the planet Serenno. Here she learned much including about a man that was called Count Dooku. However, with so much going on in the galaxy she never stayed on one planet long. When she was at the age of five her force powers which were not controlled were starting to become notice and at this point hunted with other children that were also force sensitive. The Empire was growing and becoming a major threat. It was best if Kira was kept moved around from planet to planet. Because of this, this caused her to struggle with feelings. From an early age she started to resent her powers, her gift. At the age of 10 Kira felt her anger start to grow and ended up killing out of trying to protect herself. She was then sent to another planet to keep her hidden. By the time she turned 15 her heart had closed up and refused any type of help. Her powers were becoming stronger yet she had no control over them. Doing whatever she could to survive she would do it. This caused her to get into much trouble. Becoming what some would call rebellious she adapted to it. At the age of 20 she found herself on Coruscant more important the lower levels of Coruscant. Here she found herself staying while working with whomever would take her in, but trusted no one. Now at the age of 33 her troubles would continue, but she didn’t care. Trouble was something she adapted to and would continue to do so. What she didn’t know was she was about to run into a group that would turn her world upside down and inside out


Passive powers: Force cloak, a touch of force healing, mind control, and telepathic

Active powers: Telekinesis, such as force push and force pull, Combustion, and other abilities

Future powers: include: force grip, force choke, force lightning, force wave, force whirlwind, and saber throw

Melee weapons: purple bladed double-bladed lightsaber, or single with purple blade

Combat: Her focus was in using the force. She went with the side of the Consular. She studied all forms of lightsaber combat but focus her attention on Form III: Soresu with a touch of Form V: Djem So and Form VI Niman.

Personality: A loner, friendly, kind, but feels out of place. She feels the dark side call to her but doesn’t feel that is the path for her. When it comes to bogan and ashla she feels she is more in the middle between the two. A follower of the bendu

Strengths: Kira was very strong minded when it came to what she believed. Even though many did not share her beliefs they still acknowledged this about her. She is selfless and would give her life up for the people that she cares about. Surviving many times she keeps pushing forward even though part of her feels like giving up from time to time

Weakness: Fear is her biggest weakness. Abandonment is the worst for her. She hates feeling alone even though she knows that she is. Acceptance is another problem that she struggles with.

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