Shona Custelle’s Bio

Shona Custelle’s Bio

*updates will come as the story progresses*
*based on 40 ABY*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Shona Custelle

Nickname: cold hearted, bitch, Ice queen, Rogue

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birth Planet: Onderon

Planet Raised on: Tython

Location: Coruscant lower levels

Birth Date: 15 ABY

Age: 25

Height: 5’4

Weight: 135 Ibs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: snow white

lips: rose red

Affiliation: Sith Sorceress
Empire: TBD

Force Sensitive: Yes


Family: Mother: Rachael Custelle Father: Marcus Custelle (both are dead)
Adopted family: Lucien Valdovas, even though there is a 10 year gap between them, but it doesn’t end there… This relationship is much more complicated
Kira Aithne: Shona cannot stand Kira, but if anyone messes with her she will harm whomever tries to mess with her.
Ardeth Malchijah: Once apprentice to Ardeth. He taught her the ways of Sith Sorcery even under the watchful eye of Lucien… Who cares deeply for Shona

BIOGRAPHY: 15 ABY Shona Custelle was born on the planet Onderon. However, this was not meant to last. A man who was also on Onderon had learned of her birth and took sudden interest. This did not pleased Shona’s parents at all. Rachael had vowed that if Shona was force sensitive that it would be her job to train her daughter in the ways of the force. The man gave Shona’s parents one chance to hand the child over and they refused. This man killed her parents and took Shona as his own. But the man did not leave Onderon. Once the deed was done he went and found Lucien with Ardeth. At this time, Lucien was 10 and Ardeth was 13. Neither one of them cared that Lucien’s father brought in a child to their home. In fact, Lucien became disdained because of it, but once he looked into the infants eyes he gave her the name Shona. (Shona meaning red for her red lips or beautiful) for this is how he saw her. Ardeth as well couldn’t help but to be awed by the infant and both of them felt a growing need to protect her. At the age of two, however, this changed and Ardeth and Lucien both wanted nothing to do with the child. But Shona was determined to follow both of them wherever they went. The age of five her force abilities were really starting to grow as well as become evident that she was strong. The two boys, Lucien and Ardeth, were starting to wonder if she could handle some of the basic concepts of being trained. At 8 years old, Shona was starting to really shine though and even took a more interest in sorcery. This is when she started to fall into the place and claim sorcery as her own. This pleased as well as delighted Ardeth Malchijah. At this point in time, Ardeth was 21 and Lucien was 18. Malchijah felt ready to take on an apprentice and did so. Lucien however was not pleased by this and secretly also took Shona on as an apprentice but this did not last. Lucien took it upon himself to train her in other ways. She learn to fight not only hand to hand, but with weapons as well. When Malchijah found out that Lucien was secretly training her a fight broke out between the two young men. Onderon became destroyed because of it. Lucien left for Tython, and Malchijah took Shona and headed for Serenno. Now that Shona was 10 years old and lived on Serenno she had picked up not only the ways of sorcery but what it was like to live in a place that once had a powerful sith lord by the name of Count Dooku. She found this Count Dooku interesting and wanted to learn more about him. Here she learned about the Clone Wars and what the Jedi of that time was like. The more she learned the more she grew a disdain for them. At the age of 13 she met a female who was also on Serenno but did not care for the older girl. Once at the age of 16 Shona found herself headed off to Tython. Because it has been 8 years since she has seen Lucien she had almost forgotten about it. However, they met up again, but this meet and greet did not go so well. Lucien was 26 and looked like he belonged to the galaxy. Or that the galaxy belonged to him. This caused Shona to grow a deep hatred for him, but something else was developing too that she didn’t quite understand. They parted ways on a rough bases and it seemed that this… feeling that Shona had she could not shake. Part of her felt betrayed by him at the same time she also felt feelings that she knew she should not have. More time has passed by and now she was 20. She knew it was getting close to her taking the trials for her to become true sith but when she got back to Serenno something else had changed. She found her master with another female. This outraged Shona to no end. What Shona did not know was that this other women was not taken by her master. At least not yet anyway. However, Shona now felt betrayed by her master as well as feeling betrayed by Lucien. Her heart had closed up and from this point on she called herself a Rogue Sith. Now at the age of 25 she had not seen her former master or Lucien in some time. She was summoned to Coruscant at once. What awaited her she had no clue. However, can she handle the fact that her former master, Lucien, and the women she disdains are all about to meet up again on the lower levels of Coruscant in a club by the name of Outlander Club.


Passive powers: (Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective) Telepathy, Force Masking, Force Sense, Force Shield, Force Dark Aura, telekinesis, minor healing abilities but only when in meditation

Active powers: Telekinesis, such as force push and force pull, Combustion, force lightning, Force choke, Force Throw, (Her favorite) Convection (the ability to make your fist hot to the touch which causes another to burn), Mind shard, Hatred, Horror, and Crucitorn

Future powers: finding away to heal without needing help, force storm, force wave, and others

Melee weapons: 2 Shikkar that she keeps on her hips, one Sith Sword that she keeps on her back, but can use a lightsaber (IF) she has to. Though she prefers other methods of fighting. She also uses a Sith war sword or in other words staff

Combat: Has been trained to use all forms of combat including hand to hand. However her favorite is using her 2 Shikkar or her Sith war sword.

Personality: fighter, rogue, aggressive, hardheaded, passionate, cold hearted, will kill anyone who gets in her way, hates small talk or at least gets bored with them, much prefers to do things on her own or in her own way, has no problems with arguing with those around her, prideful, and over all does not fucking care, but deep down loyal as can be

Strengths: She is a fighter that loves to watch things or people burn when she gets the opportunity. She is not very out spoken and does not like to be touched, but will have someones back when in need. Even if they are the enemy and it is the right thing to do. She will always try to do the right thing as long as it is needed. Other wise she will stay out of other people’s problems. When it comes to loyalty she is the most loyal person you will meet. She will not turn her back when someone is in need. Again this includes the enemy.

Weakness: Weakness: She is not a very open person which can cause friction with people. When it comes to her needs she may not think twice about someone else, but will have no problem watching them burn if they keep pestering her. She does have a temper. She hates being touched in any capacity. Also she will get drawn in when something or someone is being burned. This is her Achilles heel. She can not resist a good burning to watch. If she focus for too long she will not think about watching her back which could cause an enemy to take the advantage point.

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