Anger, Fear, Hatred, betrayal

Anger, Fear, Hatred, betrayal @ValdovasLucien @ArdethMalchija

@ArdethMalchija @ValdovasLucien

Before they could says anything else she snapped and sent massive force lighting toward both of them. She felt betrayed. She felt hurt and worse that they were doing nothing but lying to her. She hated them both. She wanted them to pay for the way she felt. How could they do this to her? To her? What did she do to deserve this type of punishment? The man that she would die for looks at her like she is nothing. The man that she calls master looks to her as if she never even existed even though this is not true. Both of them cared for her. Lucien just could not bring to say what was on his mind or what was in his heart. He said, “she was not ready.” What the fuck did that even mean? Why the hell could they not be straight with her? She sent another wave of lighting again, but knew they would be able to get out of the way. Feeling the anger. Feeling the hate. Feeling the Fear… She pressed on the fight, but both of them were much better then she was. They were able to hold their own. It was a challenge just taking on one, but both was something that she was not ready for. She allowed the darkness to enter her as she kept pressing the attack. However, both men were ready for whatever she threw at them.

The fight continued for some time before she finally started to feel exhausted and ended up falling to the floor. Lucien, the ever so strong one, did not rush to her side. He wanted to cause her pain for her lack of obedience, but did not move. Instead he looked at Ardeth and told him to deal with her. He storms off in a very foul mood. He wasn’t sure what it would take to get through her head of his feelings for her. It was /her/ that he cared deeply for. /He/ would kill anyone that tried to harm her. Yet, /she/ was unable for whatever reason to see just how far he was willing to go for her. This pained him deeply. Her stubbornness was causing issues where there was none. All he wanted was for her to trust him. For now, he realized that it was best to not let /his/ feelings show. Until /she/ was ready /he/ would keep his distance unless he needed her to fulfill her roll. Ardeth was her master. He will have to deal with her. Lucien would not have anything to do with it until she realized that her actions were causing too much grief.

Ardeth looks at her and shakes his head. “One day apprentice I hope you realize what you are doing. For now, I think it is best that you leave. Go back to your suite and think about what you have done.” He turns to take off

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