Ardeth’s thoughts

Once she had shown up Ardeth folded his arms and showed no signs of her being late. In fact once she showed up he didn’t even say anything at all. He has been unpleased with her behavior as of late. He knew that she was struggling with having Lucien back in her life. He also knew that deep down even though she would never admit it she cares deeply for him. She had always cared for him. Ever since she was very little Lucien would be the one she ran to. The one that she felt like she needed most. Ardeth just shook his head. “Somethings will never change” He told himself. This was one of those that would never change. Ardeth wasn’t jealous at all by this behavior. What upset him was the going behind his back. If Lucien wanted to train Shona he would have let him, but instead Lucien took it upon himself to secretly train her. This pissed him off. Taking a look at his apprentice and realizing just how beautiful she looked something inside of him had started to change. He wished that maybe… he would have done things differently, but here they were. He never did tell her about Kira. He couldn’t. He felt there was more to Shona’s jealously then what she was showing. He always did wonder why Shona never showed back up until now. He was hoping that she would complete her training, but it never did happen. Now here they are. The three of them again. Shona had no clue that Lucien was waiting for her. He pulled himself together and motioned for Shona to go inside. He saw her hesitate for a moment but walked in. A few moments later he followed her in.

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