The Club

The Club @ArdethMalchija @ValdovasLucien

Location: Coruscant
Time frame: Afternoon
Where: headed for Outlander Club

As Shona got ready for another day. She knew there was still much to be done about the stupid ass club of Lucien’s. She has started to realize how much she has grown to hate him. Yet at the same time something else had also taken over. Still shocked that she agreed to be Malchijah’s apprentice again she couldn’t help but to wonder why she was even bothering. It’s not like anyone has shown that they care. Yet she knew she needed to move forward. Heading out from her apartment in the 500 building she went and grabbed a taxi and told them where to go. Once she got there she wasn’t expecting to see her master waiting for her, but this should not have been a surprise and yet it was. She walks up to him with a puzzled look on her face. “Master what are you doing here?” He looks at her but says nothing.

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