Biography for Ronon Vos

Biography for Ronon Vos

*updates will come as the story progresses*
*based on 40 ABY*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Ronon Vos

Nickname: barbarian, Mr. tracks, maverick

Gender: Male

Species: Human, Kiffar

Birth Planet: Kiffu

Location: Onderon

Birth Date: 15 ABY

Age: 25

Height: 6’3

Weight: 181 Ibs. (82 Kilograms)

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: red

Skin Color: white

Affiliation: Sith maverick/Warrior (don’t confuse him for a Sith Sorceror for he is not)

Force Sensitive: Yes


Family:Great-Grandson: to Quinlan Vos, Son to: Victoria Vos and Richard Vos
Shona Custelle: Will guide her while she is on Onderon
Lucien Valdovas: Ronnon does what Lucien needs him to do as well as being trained by him.
Ardeth Malchijah: Ronon finds Ardeth amusing to a point but will protect Kira from him if he tries anything
Kira Aithne: Ronon develops a very close relationship with her. He will protect her with his life and feels at some level a love for her but isn’t sure what type it is.

BIOGRAPHY: Ronon Vos was born into the house Clan Vos on his home planet Kiffu. It was discovered at a young age that Ronon was strong in the Force. His special talent like his grandfather before him was psychometry. This allowed him to also become know as the best tracker that anyone has seen since his grandfather. As time passed by a Jedi came and decided that he was ready to be trained in the ways of the force. The tribe allowed for this to happen, but the Jedi in question had to stay on the planet for it was the tribe’s custom that any potential Jedi had to be trained on the planet. They were not allowed to leave. The Jedi Master agreed to this and Ronon became Jedi Master Kal Val’s apprentice. However, this was not to last since both of Ronon’s parents were killed. Ronon never did find out how his parents were killed and left the planet with Jedi Master Val. From there he was taken to Yavin 4 to continue to learn the ways of the force. Vos was able to pass every test that was given to him and before he knew it he had become a Jedi Knight. He went on many missions for the Jedi but none was going to prepare him for what was to come.

Age 30: He is now on Onderon and waiting for the one to come. Lucien has given him a task and it revovles around Shona’s past. He is to guid her, but she must face this challenge alone


Passive powers: Force Cloak

Active powers: Psychometry, also known as Postcognition, or telemetry was a Force power that was a mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it. Force lighting, Force Choke, tame animals, and inertia

Future powers: TBD

Melee weapons: single lightsaber, and a single blaster

Combat: Master Ataru fighter, but also knows how to use Vaapad but not as skilled. Others that he could use is Makashi, and Shien. On top of this he was also very skilled in hand to hand combat.

Strengths: He has a cocky sense of humor, he is a good Jedi even thought the dark side has a call to him. He is caring, friendly, as well as civil. A good heart to say the least. Some however would classify him as crazy for he does not do things the way the Jedi would like for him to. Once he has changed sides he shows his loyalty to only one. Lucien

Weakness: He has learn not to show any sign of weakness. Lucien has taught him as much, but will this be a challenger or just a test


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