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Characters and location

A 43 year old Sith Sorcerer by the name of Ardeth Malchijah


33 year old Former Jedi. Works with Lucien: Kira Aithne


30 year old Rogue Sith Sorceress: Shonya Custelle

40 year old Sith Warlord and controller of Coruscant, Onderon, and Tython: Lucien Valdovas (other planets will come up as the story progress) Owner of Outlander Club

25 year old Sith┬ámaverick and hunter with the ability of Psychometry also Lucien’s Apprentice: Ronon Vos


Location: Coruscant lower level Outlander Club

Shona will be on Onderon with Ronon

Time Frame: 40 years after the battle of Yavin 4 or ABY

Other planets that will be talked about: Kiffu, Onderon, Sern Prime, and Serenno

Shona is from Onderon, but spent some time on Tython, but mostly spent time on Serenno

Kira is from Sern Prime, but spent most of her time on Serenno

Ardeth is from Serenno, but spent a lot of time on Onderon

Lucien is from Tython, but spent a lot of time on Onderon

Ronon Vos is from Kiffu but is on Onderon

When talking about the “dark side” “light side” and “the one in the middle/gray Jedi” I will be using the terms “Bogan/dark” “Ashla/light” “One in the middle/Bendu”

Age gaps:

There is 10 years between Lucien and Shonya

There is 13 years between Ardeth and Shonya

There is 3 years between Kira and Shonya

There is 10 years between Ardeth and Kira

There is 7 years between Lucien and Kira

There is 3 year between Ardeth and Lucien

There is 5 years between Ronon and Shonya

There is 18 years between Ronon and Ardeth

There is 15 years between Ronon and Lucien

There is 8 years between Ronon and Kira

More updates to come

Bio for Avery Skyblade

*updates will come as the story progresses*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Avery Skyblade

Nickname: Ava, Skygirl

Gender: Female

Species: Human, Chandrilan

Birth Planet: Chandrila

Location: Coruscant

Birth Date: 52 BBY

Age: 20

Height: 5’7

Weight: 132 Ibs.

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: blue

Skin Color: pale

Affiliation: Jedi apprentice

Force Sensitive: Yes

Family: Mother Christy Skyblade Father: Marcus Skyblade
Apprentice to Jedi Master Y’ana Orick (Jedi Seer)

BIOGRAPHY: Avery Skyblade was born on a planet called Chandrila. Her parents Christy Skyblade and Marcus Skyblade had a feeling that their daughter would be special. No idea of how correct they were when Avery was very young her natural skills in the force started to show itself. However, Christy being once a Jedi herself feared for her child. A Jedi master came when Christy got a hold of the temple and asked for someone to come out. Jedi Master Y’ana Orick was able to confirm that Avery Skyblade was in fact force sensitive and would be strong in the force. Christy knew that it was best to let her daughter go, but something kept causing her to worry. It was Marcus that assured Christy that their daughter was in good hands and should be let go. After much hesitation it was finally agreed that Avery would go with Y’ana to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. After spending several years at the temple when Avery became of age it was time for a master to choose her as an apprentice. Avery was able to pass all of the test that the masters have given her, but something felt off to Avery. The Jedi master that she had hoped would take her on as an apprentice was not at the temple at the time. By the time a student has reached the age of 13 if a master had not chosen them as an apprentice they must leave the temple. This caused Avery to become heart broken. She felt that her dreams of becoming a Jedi apprentice would not happen. Others from her class have already been chosen and yet she still waits.

On her 13th birthday it was a sad day for her because she still had not been chosen as an apprentice but what she did not know was the master that she had been longing for had already decided to take her on as an apprentice. In fact, they were to meet up for their first mission together. As Avery was getting ready to go Y’ana was standing in the door way to give her a gift. Again, this surprised her for she feared that she was not being taken on as an apprentice. On this day, everything changed for Avery. She was now classified as an apprentice and couldn’t wait until they went on their first mission together.

7 years later Avery was now 20. She had gone on many missions with her Jedi Master Y’ana Orick. Has become very strong in the force and was coming close to taking the trials to become a Jedi Knight. She has worked close with many other Jedi along the way. Some of them she has formed close ties with. Once a friendship was formed it was hard to end. For friendship was something that Avery held on to. Many more missions were going to separate her from those friendships but it was the bond that matter most. There was no telling what was out there but whatever it was. She would face it head on.


Passive powers: telepathic, force speed, and others.

Active powers: She has most of the basic Jedi abilities such as force push/pull, mind trick, etc…

Future powers: to be able to communicate with animals

Melee weapons: single lightsaber, but can use a blaster if need be

Combat: has learned all 7 forms of lightsaber combat but specializes in Ataru. On top of this she was also very skilled in hand to hand combat.

Personality: Shy, quiet, introvert, as well as determined, kind and compassionate. Also Opinionated, and strong willed

Strengths: Avery is a very quick learner and maintains knowledge quite easily. This allows her to react when need to. If there is a way to get out of a situation she is the girl that can do it. Even though she is shy about meeting new people once a bond has been made it is hard to break it. She is very kind and sweet. As well as determined to get a task done. If it needs to be done she is willing to do it.

Weakness: Avery has one major weakness and that is attachment. She struggles with the desire to please her master which can cause problems when something goes wrong. She wants to be where her master is but can’t always. This causes friction when it comes to focusing on the bigger task at hand. Also the fact that she is opinionated and strong willed can also cause issues with others around her.

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“and you…”“held it all”“but you were careless”“to let it fall”“You…”“held it all”“And I was by your side,”“Powerless..”(Whoa…)(music)


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