Lucien Valdovas’ Bio

*updates will come as the story progresses*
*based on 40 ABY*

Character BIOGRAPHY and Traits

Full name: Lucien Valdovas

Nickname: baster, asshole, and many more by Shona (smooth sailor by Kira), Dark Mashiah, Chosen One, Emperor, Sith’ari

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Birth Planet: Tython

Planet Raised on: Onderon

Location: Coruscant or at his club in the lower level district

Birth Date: 3 ABY

Age: 37

Height: 6’2

Weight: 250 Ibs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: tan

Affiliation: Sith Warlord as well as Owner of Outlander Club, ruler of Coruscant, Onderon, and Tython (side note: future Emperor)
Empire: TBD

Force Sensitive: Yes


Family: Mother: Maria Valdovas Father Cornelius Valdovas
Adopted family: Ardeth Malchijah and right hand
Shona Custelle: His Shangrila
Kira Aithne: Finds her to be very amusing as well as entertaining may even try to fuck her from time to time even though she has no interest in him
Ronon Vos: His apprentice

BIOGRAPHY: Born in 5 ABY on the planet of Tython No one knew what they were going to witness as he gets older. His mother Maria born of the side of Ashla (light-side/good) and his father Cornelius Valdovas whom was born on the side of Bogan (dark-side/evil). Some wondered if this child, Lucien, was the one everyone has been waiting for. Could /he/ be the “One”? Up until now there were two or three so called “Sith’ari” One of them was a Sith by the name of King Adas. The other was Darth Bane. Some even swore that Palpatine was even the “Sith’ari”. Yet all of them failed. Paplaptine was probably the closet to success if it weren’t for the mistakes that he had made. Even Darth Bane was impressive during his reign. Now Lucien was born and all eyes were on him. At the age of 6 months, his abilities were already starting to show. He was able to move objects with his mind. At a year old, he made his first kill even though it was thought he had no idea of what he was doing. Oh but he knew what he had done. Once at the age of 2 however things started to change for him. Unclear why but at this point in his early life his mother and father were no longer together. He felt it was something that he had done and anger had taken over. But what he didn’t know or couldn’t comprehend was that the two planets in question were at war with each other. In order to have a so called “peace” between the planets his father had to take over Onderon while his mother had control over Tython. So he was sent to live with his father. This only cause the already darkness, in Lucien, to grow even more. /He/ was part of Bogan and Bogan was part of him. There was none that matched his demeanor. So it would be said, that /he/ was the child of Bogan. If he wasn’t the child then the devil himself.

At the age of 5: His powers started to manafest. He had already showed signs of having control over telekinesis and being able to project objects. However, his mind control was also becoming a monstrosity. As well as being able to cloak his power. Already at this age, he could manipulate another beings mind. But at this time, he was no longer alone. His father had brought him someone to keep him company. At first Lucien had no interest in others expect what he could cause them to do under his control. Friendship meant nothing to him. Ardeth Malchijah had been part of the family now for three years and was the only one that Lucien wasn’t able to control. There is a three year difference between the two. In part while he watched Ardeth this is what stared him down his path. Ardeth went down the Sorcery line of the Sith while he started to take interest in weapons. Especially the older and ancient ones. However he was being taught how to use a lightsaber.

At the age of 8: He was in the Sith temple on Onderon and was taken as an apprentice. Ardeth too was also taken on as an apprentice and a mutrual friendship started to develp between the two boys. Two years later another change came to Lucien. His father came to him ,whom he had not really seen since he was on Onderon, and placed an infant in his arms. Lucien at first wanted nothing to do with this…infant, but once he looked into her eyes something inside of him became affected. /He/ gave her the name of Shona. /His/ Shangrila. However, he had to put his focus where it mattered most. He was only 10 after all. Almost forgetting about the infant he puts his studies back into perspective and continues on.

At the age of 12: Lucien was put in a battle area where he killed all of his opponents. There were many who started to become consered about him where others knew he would become a marvellous sith. He was already leathal and not one person could denigh that. However, in one of the battles that Lucien had to enter caused him to fight his mutral friend. Ardeth knew that this would be a challenge that many where waiting to see. Ardeth was now 15. This fight was not pretty to be sure. In fact there were bets going on to see who would win in the end. The fight ended when the Temple ended up just about destroyed. Neither one of them had won and both had lost. Do to the damnage of the temple both boys were kicked out of the temple and Lucien was okay with that. Both Lucien and Ardeth worked together and had everyone slaughted. Not only was everyone killed which included the masters as well they demolished the temple. A mutrual friendship turned into an ever lasting friendship from this point on. Some time passed since the demolishing of the temple and Shona was now two. She wanted to be close to Lucien, but he would not allow for it. Instead he put his focus on rebuilding the temple into his image as well as continuing to study in the ways of bogan.

Three years later now the age of 15 and Ardeth 18. Which puts Shona at 5 Lucien’s skills has increased massively. He was already getting nicknames from people around him. Those who were close could truly feel how dark he truly was. It was another round of challenges for him and those challenges put him even further on top. It was starting to wonder if anyone could challenge him. However, the five year old girl whom Lucien was still trying to show no notice had also seriouly notice him. She tried again to get his attention and nothing. At this point, he had a place buit where he could go to in order just to be alone. Allowing Bogan to enter him he grew even stronger and surpassed those around him. At the age of 18 Lucien had already out passed most of his peers. Ardeth however was still the only one that he seemed not to be able to surpass. When it came to challenges they were just about equal. The difference between the two was Lucien was more right here and now, where Ardeth was take a step back and wait. Neither one of them could over take the other. Both of them were very very good at handling others around them as well as each other. Also around this time Shona was now an 8 year old and for some reason Lucien started to notice her, however Ardeth had also notice.

Roughly three months in of Lucien being 18 and Shona being 8 he thought about taking her on as his apprentice. But, Ardeth was the one who became her offical apprentice and this caused some issues between the two friends. Lucien decided to secretly train Shona. He was amazed at how quick she was learning. This did not last long though. As soon as Ardeth found out a true fight broke out between the two of them. Onderon was just about destroyed. What Ardeth nor Shona knew was that Lucien had killed his father, Cornelius Valdovas, in cold blood. Lucien wanted Onderon for himself, but at the same time he learned something that he was /never/ supossed to learn and that was what his father was up to. He had learned why his father was going around and killing parents that had force sensitve childen. One of those was Shona. He swore to himself that Shona would never find out the fate of her parents death. It would go with him to his grave. Now that Onderon was just about wiped out from the map do to the damage that was done Lucien fled back to Tython where Ardeth took Shona and fled to Serenno.

Five years later: Lucien is now 23. His powers, if it was even possible, trippled. His rough edges were clearly marked as well as his facial fetures. This did not keep females away. In fact when it came to his female compaions he gladly took one home every night if not two or three women. He enjoyed a good fucking when he got the chance. It showed everyone just how much power he had. Again, even on Tython, no one could denign such power. By this time he had taken over Tyhon as his own. He did not give Onderon a second thought at this point in time. But even at the age of 23 he was well traveled. The outer rim teritories was his domain. Korriban, or as some call it now Moraband, was like a second home to him. His presence filled all of a planet. There was no way anyone could not notice him unless /he/ did not want to be notice. Three years later now 26 someone that Lucien had pretty much forgotten about showed up on Tython, but things did not work out and she left again. The 16 year old girl was not someone he wanted in his life. The two of them got into a massive argument which caused her to leave. But her eyes would always be stained in his mind. In truth, the reason why he did not want her around was because he did not want her to see what he had become. His heart had closed up and there was nothing that could allow him to open back up to anyone. His mother has been dead now for he had no clue how long. Korriban, and Tython was fully under his control. Onderon was still questionable at this time. There were just too many memories that he wish he could forget, and seeing Shona again just brought back things he did not want to remember. His coolness had pushed away people. He had all of this unpotental power, but no one to share it with. Or so he thought.

Another five years has passed: Which makes Lucien now 31. By this time, he has finally decided to do something about Onderon and claimed it. It was also around this time that he decided to take on an apprentice. Ronon Vos. Ronon was 21 and showed great potental even though Ronon was once a Jedi. He decided that when the time was right he would leave Ronon in charge of Onderon and is quite glad that he did. Not too long after he made sure that Onderon was under his full control that he deiced now was the time to branch out. His eyes were set on a much bigger and busier planet. Coruscant, he knew, was going to be a challenge he had yet to deal with. Now was that time.

Age 35: Coruscant was his for the complet taken. He also owns a night club (Outlander Club) on the lower levels of Coruscant. However, his plans has become even bigger then he could even imagain and with his ideas he decides it is time to bring together four other people. Two of them are from his past. Ardeth Malchijah, and one whom he had no idea would even come. Shona Custelle. He also invited a former Jedi by the name of Kira Aithne. The fourth once everything was ready was his apprentice Ronon Vos. Like Kira, Ronon was also once a Jedi. Ronon had no problem coverting from Jedi to Sith. He wasn’t sure how Kira would allow for such change, but for now he would welcome her just like he would the others. The time was coming for a new Emperor to be born. Could the group that /he/ is bringing together handle such thing? Also what they say about Lucien possibly being the newest Sith’ari is still up in the air. For now things will play out as they are meant to.


Passive powers: (Force Persuasion, Mind Speak, Receptive and Projective) Telepathy, Force Masking, Force Sense, Force Shield, Force Dark Aura, telekinesis, healing abilities

Active powers: If it is an active power he can use it and to the best of his ability. His Force strength is on top of its game. The powers he loves to use most though is the one that gives him the upper hand. If he can fuck with someone’s mind he will do it. Everything is a game to him and /you/ are in /his/ back yard. There isn’t a power he doesn’t know. It is because of this he can challenge anyone on any field. Mind powers are the most fun for him to use.

Future powers: none

Melee weapons: has weapons all over the place and can use them all

Combat: He is the master of /all/ combat. There is not a fight that he cannot handle.

Personality: Ruthless Mercenary, very intelligent, fighter, charming, witty, cool, collective, and so much more

Strengths: His mind. If he can think it then it will happen. There is nothing that this guy can’t handle or even control. Some may come close but /he/ is untouchable

Weakness: good luck trying to find one

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