Ardeth’s thoughts

He feels his apprentice and knows that he can’t do anything about it. He can feel her rage even though she is doing everything she can to block him from her. Part of him was relieved that she made it to Onderon safely, but now he wondered if she was ready for what was coming. He was sure that Lucien was also feeling the same thing that he was and would quickly get a hold of his apprentice to let him know how to handle her in a state like this. Part of him wondered if Kira was right. Were they doing the right thing? Could this have been handled differently? It didn’t matter. It was already too late. This was her challenge. If she cannot live with what she sees, with what she feels, then…. she would not be ready for the hard core truth of it all. Yes Lucien and himself did what she was seeing. They wiped everyone off that planet. Lucien now has full control over this planet. As well, from his understanding Tython. Clearly he also has Coruscant under his full control as well. It was only a matter of time before Lucien became Emperor. A new Galactic Empire was going to be formed. This time instead of someone like Palpatine leading the Empire it would be Lucien. He was given this opportunity to become a great and powerful asset. This was his time. Ardeth knew what many said about him, and he had to agree. He felt that Lucien could very well potentially be the new Sith’ari. This was his time. If anyone could truly pull this off he could. It would be a great victory for the Sith. For now, however, he needed to turn his attention back to his apprentice. He hoped that he would be kept in the loop with her progress, but that was up to Lucien if he decided to disclose that information. For now he would go back to meditating and wait. This was not going to be an easy task for Shona and this was just the beginning.

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