Kira’s thoughts

Kira was in the middle of a task when even she felt the disturbance. Part of it she thought had to do with the fact that she was on Coruscant, but the other part had to do with the fact that she knew Shona and that rage of hers, but this…this was something she had never felt before. She knew what Lucien and Ardeth had done would bite them in the ass. Sure enough that is what was happening. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what was going through Shona’s head right now. But whatever it was it wasn’t good. Chills went up Kira’s spine and somehow she knew that the worst was just about to happen. She knew that Shona would return to Coruscant once it was all over. That was a given, but whatever Shona has already witness that she couldn’t guess. Someone should have gone with her, but according to both Lucien and Ardeth she had to do this on her own. Well, technically she wasn’t on her own. Ronon Vos, Lucien’s apprentice, was there and waiting for her. Or he was supposed to be there waiting for her. She started to wonder if that was still the case. She went to go and check on Ardeth to make sure he was okay.

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