Lucien’s thoughts

Lucien knew what the darkness he was feeling. Shona could not hide it from him. This causes him to almost smirk. A challenge was on its way and this is what he was looking forward to most. He knew Kira would never understand though he had to admit only to himself that her challenging made things even more entertaining. He didn’t think she had it in her being a former Jedi and all, but she proved him wrong. It was what he was hoping for. Too bad he had to end things with her. They were quite… enjoyable. She was enjoyable to have as a fuck. No wonder Ardeth wants her around. But it was time to move on and his focus was on Shona. He got a hold of his apprentice to be warned not to underestimate her. Though he did on numerous times. Her darkness still causes him to become aroused. He wondered when the last time he had a release. It seems like it has been some time. He knew Shona felt disappointed that he has not taken her. For whatever reason he can’t bring himself to do so. He values so much that the slightest bit of a fracture causes him to pause. No one has been able to move him in ways that she can. He puzzles and yet finds away to break through. She keeps her guard up around him though she pretends not to do so. He continues to absorb her movements. If she continues to challenge him this becomes irritating and yet the passion he feels from not just her but himself is nothing compared to how others see him. No one can turn him down, but Shona does something that no one else does. That is what keeps him attuned to her. He isn’t sure who is luring who in. Some days he feels like it is him doing the luring where other days it is her. Both of them want control and yet neither one of them has been able to have such thing. Granted if he wanted she would be fully his and only his. That is not how he works. She was free to make her own decisions. However, that didn’t stop him from watching her. He could feel her presence anywhere in the galaxy which only caused him to want her more. Coming back to what was going on he knew that Shona was going to come back and challenge him again. This was to be expected. What she didn’t know was he had all of this planned out for quite sometime. He just needed to know that she was ready. Now it was clearly obvious that she was. Her darkness has awoken something deeper inside of him and it calls out to her. Rather she response to it will only be a matter of time. She will continue to find out everything she needs then she will return but not alone. She will bring his apprentice as well. He started to wonder how the others would react. Then again, there was also someone else waiting in the dark that hasn’t shown up yet. This too will put pressure on the others. For now however one thing at a time. Shona was the focus. Getting her through this and getting his apprentice here was the first step. Everything else will come to pass when it is time.

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