On her way to Onderon

On her way to Onderon (@ValdovasLucien, @RononVos, @KiraAithne, @ArdethMalchija)

Planet: Coruscant headed to Onderon
Location: In hyperspace
Rough time: late morning early afternoon

Finally, knowing that it has taken her about a week to get to f-ing Onderon she can start to get herself ready to get out of hyperspace. She felt like this was starting to drag on forever. She hated space travel. She almost wished there was a faster way to get where she was going. Meditation was pretty much the only thing she had to keep her company, but she knew that at this point it was the safest way to not cause herself aggravation. She didn’t fully understand what the hell was going on. All she knows is that she is supposed to meet Ronon Vos… ::cough cough:: that son of a bitch’s apprentice. She was still pissed at Lucien for not telling her that he had an apprentice. She didn’t understand what was so important that she wasn’t allowed to be filled in. She found herself giving a low growl. Whatever happen to trust? What ever happen to communication? The only thing she asked for was some damn honesty and he couldn’t give it. Well, fuck him. If he couldn’t trust her then why should she trust him. The problem was that her emotions were all over the place. She had feelings for him. She had thought by now they were clear, but maybe he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Whatever the case it no longer matter. Her master and Lucien both wanted her on Onderon. So here she is. She felt almost bad about cutting the force from both of them, but it needed to be done. Once the indicator went off she sent a message to her Master to let her know that she had finally arrived. Getting ready to find a place to land she had no clue where this apprentice of Lucien’s was at. Then again, these guys didn’t tell her a damn thing. Once she has found a place to land she got up, grabbed her gear, and headed toward the back to let the ramp down. Once that was done she walked down the ramp and the moment she step foot she was taken back by what she saw. What was Onderon was no longer the planet she grew up on. She leaned down and picked up ash that pretty much just faded away. What kind of monster does this? She tried very hard not wanting to believe that Lucien had something to do with this. Not him. And… there was no way her master could have done this. Slowly walking forward the trees were just about wiped out. The little building there were…where burned down so bad that they looked like they would fall over. There was only one word for what she was seeing and that was war. The planet itself still existed, but when you look on…The only thing she could say was war. Tears started to show, but she would not allow them to fall. Anger and hatred started to take over and with that she allowed darkness to flow like she has never done so before. She would fucking kill the person/people responsible for this. If this was Tython Lucien would have prevented it from happening. However, this was /her/ fucking home and the son of a bitch allowed for this to happen. If he didn’t cause it himself. Her rage was starting to show through. NO ONE was going to stand in her way. The only thing she wanted was revenge.

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