The hunt is on by Ronon Vos

After he got off the comm with his Master, Lucien, he knew as soon as he heard the cries that it could only be one person. Shona was sure here on Onderon and she was pissed. Darkness was with her this day. Now he started to wonder what his master was thinking. How could /he/ help her? She needed something, but he didn’t feel like he could offer her what she truly needed. The problem was matters were about to get a lot worse for her. It wasn’t his place to question his master, but this one time he wondered what the hell Lucien was thinking putting her through this. He made sure his lightsaber was tucked to his belt then headed out of the once Temple to go look for her. Trying to be very careful it was bad enough the place was in ruins, but what made it worse was the creatures that somehow managed to survive. He was a damn good tracker. So finding Shona was no big deal. he would find her and it would be quick. As he looked up into the sky it was very important to move as quickly as possible as well as stealth as possible. This was two things he was good at. For now the Hunt was on.

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