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Diem Ex Dei Lyrics

(Long Intro)

starwarsbackdropImperal ships-Star-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677Unsure AnakinAnakin killing tuskensNew EmperorCodyx-wingmore space battleAnakin and Padme 1Anakin killing childrenYoung Anakin and his motherAnakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502Vader thinking of PadmeLuke being taken awayC DookuAnakin and Padme


“Wipe them out… All of them” – Paplatine Star Wars TPM

darth_sidiousbattle_droids_mttQui-Gon,Maul,KenobiYoung Anakin and his motherchild AnakinCh PalpatineDarth_Malgus_omringt_bij_de_ingang_van_de_Jedi_Tempel_close_upVen_Zallow_confronteerd_MalgusMalgus_voor_de_gecraste_shuttlemany sithjedi vs sithAnakin killing tuskensStar-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677Anakin killing childrenanakin-vaderOrder 66 in the templeAnakin killing separtistsattackoftheclonesbdcap8_originalQui-Gon,Maul,KenobiQui-Gon being struck throughcontinue with Order 66Star-Wars-Attack-of-the-Clones-mace-windu-11897563-1600-680VaapadDarth MaldockDarth MarrDarth RevanshotMovies SithExarKun-SWGTCGGHrevan_returns_by_illidankazama-d4wzs88Darth PlaguiesAfter Jedi SithDarth CaedousCC5Lut0W8AEZnkSKaanNEGFVisas_marr_2CloneWars-Asajj-VentressXanatostGithany_EGFdarthzannahMaraSion_KorribanSithEmperorKylo Ren in bigger pic formdarth-nihilus-kotorTheForceAwakensStar-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768Dark_Lady_LumiyaladylumiainabactatankEmperor_RotJ

Umbra Dextras,


Prima Orbis


Templa Prospice,

Kylo Ren

Diem Ex Dei




ZankouwithKyraKyraPhoebevision1charmed-then-and-nowtalldarkandhandsomeFides Sponsa,


Fides Per Dei


Missaes Can Ta,


Mistrae Lingua

piper in pain


hannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560Will holding a gun to Hannibalwill-gun-hannibalHannibal-Lecter-Will-Graham-hannibal-tv-series-mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham

Umbra Dextras,


Umbra Crucis


Umbra Deus,


Lucius Dei


Fides Sponsa,

young adult Hannibal

Fides Per Dei


Missaes Can Ta,

Evil Queen

Mistrae Lingua

three villains


SkeletorrickmaHannibal - Season 1IS_Ares_PHamd-jackjoker-jpg

Umbra Dextras


Umbra Crucis


Umbra Deus,


Lucius Dei

Aquaman JL

Fides Sponsa,


Fides Per Dei

Jason M while on

Missaes Can Ta,


Mistrae Lingua



Ave Vitae,


Rex Promissa


Ave Vitae

C Dooku

Rex Veritas

Christopher-Lee white wizard

Missae Magnus,


Fides En Dei


Christus Laudmus,


Mistraes In God


Missae Magnus,


Fides En Dei


Christus Laudmus


Mistraes In God



darth_sidiousmr-zankouc-c-and-her-outfitzankou_10charismacarpenter-10jason_momoa_as_lobo_by_cc_scorsesecan_t_shake_this_feeling_that_i_have_by_fallandarkaquaman-cyborgmera1justice-league-superman-black-costumeaquaman-and-merawonderwomenjustice-league-bts-featured-jpgjustice-league-movie-image-flash-12batmanbat-aqua-wonder-supjm-with-short-hairrddidnt-think-you-were-realjustice-league-movie-image-wonder-womanflashbruce-waneaquamanargustfilesjustice-league-movie-casttyber-zannsilri-and-cuddles002xxx_asia_argento_035lucius-malfoyMissaes Can Ta,




Mistrae Lingua



Aquaman-1SKWarriorAquaman JLgirl with black hair and red lipsCassandra

Missaes Can Ta,

sith eyes


jason-momoa-0jasonmomoaJason M as KhalD Banegreen top that CC woreKyra close upMistrae Lingua

CC. wearing purple


Leia han lukeAngel showing how to use a sworddo I look like a killerPhoebe_Meets_PJChase and Angel4x19-094-cole-phoebeOded-oded-fehr-TM andTMR




Brandy – Have You Ever Lyrics

“Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?”


“Have you ever needed something so bad”

memory is a knife

“You can’t sleep at night”

anakin's nightmare

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”


“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever?”

Anakin and Padme

“Have you ever been in love”

Unsure Anakin

“Been in love so bad”

Vader thinking of Padme

“You’d do anything”


“To make them understand”


“Have you ever had someone steal your heart away?”

OF on M_ori

“You’d give anything”


“to make them feel the same”


“Have you ever searched for words to get you in their heart”


“but you don’t know what to say”


“And you don’t know where to start”

Anakin and Padme 1

“Have you ever loved somebody so much”

Young Anakin and his mother

“It makes you cry”

anakin's tears

“Have you ever needed something so bad”

Sad Padme

“You can’t sleep at night”

embrace with CC

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”


“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever”



Rey flying the falcon

“Have you ever found the one”


“You’ve dreamed of all your life”


“You’d do just about anything”

Palpatine and Anakin

“to look into their eyes”


“Have you finally found the one”

CC in a blue dress

“you’ve given your heart to”


“Only to find that one”


“Won’t give their heart to you”

Will holding a gun to Hannibal

“Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed that they were there”


“And all you can do is wait”


“For that day when they will care”


“Have you ever loved somebody so much (So much)”


“It makes you cry”


“Makes you want to break down and cry”


“Have you ever needed something so bad”

young adult Hannibal

“So…So bad”

Evil Queen

“You can’t sleep at night”

Chris and Michael

“Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever,”

Leia han luke

“Have you ever”

Angel showing how to use a sword

“Have you ever”

do I look like a killer


Ab and horis



“What do I got ta do to get you in my arms”




“What do I got ta say to get to your heart”


“To make you understand”


“How I need you next to me”


“Got ta get you in my world”


” ‘Cos baby I can’t sleep”


“Have you ever loved somebody so much (so much)


“It makes you cry”


“Have you.. Have you ever needed something”

fallen Anakin and Padme

“So bad you can’t sleep at night”


“Breaks you down inside”

Phoebe sadness

“Have you ever tried to find the words”


“But they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever… Have you ever”


“loved somebody (somebody) somebody so much it makes you cry”



“Have you ever needed something (so bad) so bad”


“You can’t sleep at night (just can’t sleep at night)


“Have you ever tried to find the words…”


“but they don’t come out right”




“Have you ever,”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever”


“Have you ever…ever…ever…”




“Have you ever”




Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting – All For Love

(Intro)Anakin and PadmeTHREE_MUSKETEERS-712_copyhannibal-lecterZankouwithKyraluke-leia-endor“When it’s love you make”Vader thinking of Padme“When it’s love you give” Piper-and-Leo-Season-1-piper-and-leo-7478434-1032-776“I’ll be a your man of good faith”OF on M_ori“When love you live”charmed710-2“I’ll make a stand I’ll won’t break”William Petersen“I’ll be the rock you can build on”charmed-then-and-now“Yeah”Anakin-Padme-anakin-and-padme-32757641-750-423“Be there when you’re old”ghost with Obi and Jinn“To have and to hold”Andy“When there’s love inside”charisma-carpenter-inline“I swear I’ll always be strong”Hannibal-Rising-gaspard-ullieljpg” And there’s a reason why”Only the journey“I’ll prove to you we belong”Hook“I’ll be the world that protects you”eldershq“Yeah”Anakin and Padme 1“From the wind and the rain”4x15-Cole-Phoebe-Marry“From the hurt and the pain”hannibal-lecter-will-graham-850x560“Yeah…”Manhunter-Still3CR“Hey”young adult Hannibal“Let’s make it…”Chris and Michael“All for one”will-graham-hannibal“And all for love”anakin and padme (1)(short solo) Oded-oded-fehr-TM andTMRC.CarpenterHannibal-Rising-gaspard-ulliel-Anakin art

“Let the one you hold be the one you want”memory is a knife“The one you need”AH in Red Dragon” ‘Cos when it’s all for one”all four charmed ones“It’s one for all”Phoebe sadness“When there’s someone that you know”Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“Then just let your feelings show”“Make it”8x20-063-triad“All for one”Courtyard 2“All for love”rotj-end(small solo)child AnakinO_Fvlcsnap-ccAnakin pacing

“When it’s love you make”ColeandBalthasar“I’ll be a fire in your night”CC in a blue dress“Then it’s love you’ll take”Evil Queen“I will defend  I will fight”hannibal-season-3“I’ll be there when you need me”mads-mikkelsen-and-hugh-dancy-as-hannibal-lecter-and-will-graham“Yeah”avengers-villain-loki

“When honour’s at stake”Mr.Gold“This vow I will maketalldarkandhandsome“Yeah”boba_fett_meets_darth_vader“Then it’s…”IS_Ares_PH“All for one”4x19-094-cole-phoebe“And all for love”Chase and Angel“All for love”Phoebe_Meets_PJ“Let the one you hold be”hannibal-hannibal-lecter-clarice-starling-clannibal-ship-it“the one you want.”do I look like a killer“the one you need”OF in leather” ‘Cos when it’s all for one”you, lighten up“It’s one for all”Angel showing how to use a sword“Yeah”Ren“When there’s someone that you know”i-still-dont-know-why-i-survived-and-they-didnt“Then just let your feeling show”piper“Make it”KyraPink“All for one”more space battle“And all for love”Young Anakin and his mother“Don’t lay our love to rest”Luke being taken away

” ‘Cos we could stand up to the test”star-wars-dark-disciple-cover-book“We got everything”KyraPhoebevision1“And more”angeltvposter011“Than we had planned”ZankouwithKyra“More than the rivers”Guilin

“That run the land”Beautiful-Mountains-Rivers-Beaches-and-Waterfalls-in-San-Jose-jpg“We got it all”Leia han luke“In our hands…”HorisdedFehr“Yeah”OF(solo music) OdedFehrJoinsVrots sith lordsroom-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-Anakin so hotkylo_ren___star_wars_vii_tfa_by_junkisakuraba-d9987yehannibal-rising-stills-04Hannibal - Season 3Hannibal - Season 1hannibal-hannibal-tv-series-34286714-375-500rickmaDr. LecterEvil_wyattThe CrowNUP_130797_0193hannibal-laurence-fishburne-agent-jack-crawfordhannibal-rising_005Cole-Turner-charmed-22032025-459-3464x02-062-belthazor

“Now it’s…”anigif_enhanced-32167-1417804845-5_preview“All for one”Star-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677“and all for love”DV E6“it’s all for love”TEMBER“Let the one you hold be”Piper_Leo_4x01“the one you want”PipernandLeo14“the one you need”piper in pain” ‘Cos when it’s”amd-jackjoker-jpg“All for one”Magnigeto“It’s one for all”the desert“It’s one for all”Rouge One“When there’s someone that you know”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-“Then just let your feelings show”Spike and Cordelia“When there’s someone that you want”very hot OF“When there’s someone that you need”Hannibal-Rising-hannibal-lecter“Let’s make it…”Hannibal-3-9-And-the-Woman-Clothed-with-Sun-10“All….”hannibal (1)“All for one”Doc Oc“And all for love”Zankou





I don’t care by Apocalyptica with lyrics

(Introduction)LDV ArtRouge OneDarth_vader_norots sith lordscharmed710-2Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-Palpatine and Anakinvlcsnap-ccpsychosisSpike and Cordeliacc_flirting_pic01_posteranakin's eye changecordy3a-216x273Anakin pacingC.C in red back groundmemory is a knifechild Hannibal

“I tried to make it through my life,”charisma-carpenter-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-wb-tv-photo-GC“In my way”Charisma-Carpenter-agf01“There’s you”Anakin art“I try to make it through these lies”psychosis“that’s all I do”CC on Angel“Just don’t deny it”Anakin pacing“Don’t try to fight this”Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-“and deal with it”Palpatine and Anakin“that’s part of it”Vader and the Emperor“If you were dead or still alive,”will-graham-hannibal“I don’t care”troubled-20will“I don’t care”ZankouwithKyra“Just go and leave all this behind,”Obi-wan-and-Anakin-obi-wan-kenobi-and-anakin-skywalker-23277757-500-413“cuz I swear,” Rise Lord Vader

“(I swear)”Obi-Wan getting struck down“I don’t care”9916_star_wars_darth_vader“I tried to make you see my side,”room-with-a-view-cordelia-chase-“I always try to stay in line”charisma-carpenter“but your eyes see right though,”Star-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656“that’s all they do”badassVader_“I’m getting buried in this place”hannibal-season-3-recap-the-theater-of-hannibal-s-death-in-s03e04-aperitivo-will-and-h-476809“I got no room your in my face”anigif_mobile_“don’t say anything just go away”Will holding a gun to Hannibal“If you were dead or still alive,”sunsetwithAnakin“I don’t care”Chase“I don’t care”Charisma_Charmed_Promo“Just go and leave all of this behind,”charisma-carpenter-charmed-705-styx-feet-under-screencaps-18“cuz I swear”ZankouwithKyra“I swear”Charmed_7x03_001“I don’t care”Kyratakingadrink(short solo)KryasdeathDVarthannibal-savoureux-mads-mikkelsenHannibal - Season 2charisma-carpenter--“I’m changing everything”character_large_cordelia“Cuz you won’t be there for me,”cc_cheatersclub_cap“I’m changing everything”Hannibal Rising5“Cuz you won’t be there for me”memory is a knife(Solo)Unsure AnakinAnakin killing tuskensPadmeApartmentBalcony-ROTSAnakin burnsRise Lord VaderDV E6anakin-vaderanakin's tearsAnakin and Padme 1darth-vader-lukeYoung Anakin and his motherAnakin after lost a fightAnakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502padme fainted (1)Obi-Wan getting struck downDarth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768Luke Vs VaderAnakin and PadmeAnakin vs Obi-WanAnkin Obi-Wan fight

“If you were dead or still alive”Anakin choking Obi-Wan“I don’t care”Anakin on Mustafar“I don’t care”Obi-Wan vs Vader“Just go and leave all of this behind,”Anakin vs Obi-Wan“cuz I swear”Vader on Lothal“(I swear)”Anakin-Vader pic“I don’t care”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“If you were dead or still alive”Charmed-Oded-Fehr-Zankou“I don’t care”charmed710-2“I don’t care”episodes-Angel-Cordelia“I don’t care”Psychosis-Stills-charisma-carpenter-“I don’t care”charisma-carpenter“Just go and leave all of this behind,”Vader with Emp sign“I don’t care”charisma-carpenter-14c29“(I swear)”cordy2“I don’t care”Cordelia“at all”C on the throne

Skillet – Not gonna die (lyrics)

(long intro)Anakin pacinganakin's eye changeAnakin so hotAnakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Unwelcome-Assignment-anakin-skywalker-black and white of Vader and BobaStar-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656DVwithMandSTbackgroundAnakin artTFU-TV_Snow-Vader-Front_011badassVader_vader-kneelingStar-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768darth_vader_sith_lords_6L-D-Vbobafett1vaderentranceangleStar Wars Rebels - Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader posterCC6UKKpUsAEqbGPDarth-Vader-Wallpaper-4darth

“Death…”Anakin-Vader pic“Surrounds…”Vader on Lothal“My heartbeat’s slowing down”Rise Lord Vader“I won’t take this world’s abuse”Unsure Anakin“I won’t give up,”anakin-vader“I refuse!”Anakin killing separtists“This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken,”Anakin killing tuskens“This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen…”anakin's tears“When everything you love is leaving,”Anakin-Im sorry“You hold on to what you believe in”Anakin and Padme 1“The last thing I heard,”Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“Was you whispering ‘goodbye’..”Padme_Anakin“And then I heard you flat line…”padme fainted (1)“NO!”Anakin vs Obi-Wan“Not gonna die tonight,”Ankin Obi-Wan fight“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”wpid-obi-wanvsanakin-11“Don’t close your eyes”upset Anakin“NO!”Anakin on Mustafar“Not gonna die tonight,”Anakin burns

“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”Rise Lord Vader“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”rots sith lords(small solo)Anakin marchingAnakin killing childrenAnakin killing separtistsVader on LothalDV on LothalVader in ROTJForcechokingVaderSW_DV1

“Break”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284“their hold,”choking by vader” ‘Cause I won’t be controlled..”Vader_Force_chokes_Motti“They can’t keep their chains on me”darth“When the truth set me free!”star_wars_darth_vader_by_kyl_el7-d4oeaoq“This is how it feels when you take your life back,”Darth_vader_no“This is how it feels when you finally fight back,”anakinholofight“When life pushes me I push harder,”Vader following orders“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”Confused Vader“The last thing I heard,”Lukevaderrotj7“Was you whispering ‘goodbye’..”Star-Wars“And then I heard you flat line..”ghost with Obi and Jinn“NO!”DVart“Not gonna die tonight,”L-D-V“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”Vader and fire“Don’t close your eyes”darth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720“NO!”Vader-on-Hoth“Not gonna die tonight,”CC6UKKpUsAEqbGP“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”Rouge One“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”LDV Art“Don’t you give up on me…”Star-Wars-Episode-VI-Return-Of-The-Jedi-Darth-Vader-darth-vader-18356254-1050-656“You’re everything that I need…”Vader thinking of Padme“This is how it feels when you take your life back,”Obi-Wan getting struck down“This is how it feels when”Luke Vs Vader“You”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768“Fight”Luke vs vader #2“BACK!”Cloud City fight(solo)Palpatine_Anakin_2darth-vader-lukeOzzel_croakschoking by vaderAnakin force choking moodAnakin marchingVader in ROTJLeia_fighting_Vader_on_Mimban_EGFanother vader imageDarth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and Padme

“NO!”Anakin after lost a fight“Not gonna die tonight,”Emperor getting tossed“We’ve gotta stand and fight forever…”DV on Lothal“Don’t close your eyes”vaderentranceangle“NO!”Vader on Bespin“Not gonna die tonight,”Bob Anderson“We’ve gotta fight for us together…”VadersRemorse“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”black and white of Vader and Boba“No, we’re not gonna die tonight!”Vader and the Emperor“Not gonna die”Vader“Not gonna die”sunsetwithAnakin“Not gonna die”Anakin art“Not gonna die”Vader with Emp sign“Not gonna die tonight”Father and son



Within Temptation – In the middle of the night

*Intro Music*Anakin killing tuskensanakin-vaderAnakin marchingOrder 66 in the templeAnakin killing separtistsjedi vs sithAnakin killing childrenVader on LothalDarth_Malgus_omringt_bij_de_ingang_van_de_Jedi_Tempel_close_upVen_Zallow_confronteerd_MalgusInvasion_of_AlderaanKylo Ren

“I’ve been walking”Anakin marching“This road of desire”Darth_Malgus_omringt_bij_de_ingang_van_de_Jedi_Tempel_close_up“I’ve been begging”CC6UKKpUsAEqbGP“For blood on the wall”Dooku'sEnd“I don’t care if I am playing with fire”Star-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768“I’m aware that I’m frozen inside”Malgus_voor_de_gecraste_shuttle“I have known all along”darth-vader-anakin-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23604595-397-284“So much more going on”Vader in ROTJ“No Denying” ExarKun-SWGTCGGH“But I know I’m not standing alone” many sith“You’ve been playing my mind through my wishes”Palpatine_Anakin_2“You can feel that we’re haunting the truth”CC5Lut0W8AEZnkS“Don’t know I can’t hold on always losing control”ladylumiainabactatank“In the middle of the night”Count-Dooku-christopher-lee-2509347-800-600“I don’t understand. What’s is going on?”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768“It’s a world gone astray”continue with Order 66“In the middle of the night” Ep7scene“I can’t let it out”Darth Marr“Someone keeps searching” Luke being taken away“And shatters your life”DV E6“It will never be afraid”Dark_Lady_Lumiya“In the middle of the night”Darth Caedous*solo music*one burned maskVaderstatueSithEmperorSion_Korriban

“No more tears”anakin's tears“No cause nothing else matters”Vader show up“I’ve been been closing my eyes for too long”Darth Maldock“Only vengeance will make me feel better”Qui-Gon being struck through“There’s no reset till I know that it’s done”darth“You’ve been playing with my mind through my wishes”Anakin's pledge“You can feel that we’re haunting the truth”Sidious_Tyranus“Don’t know I can’t hold on always losing control”Darth Revanshot“In the middle of the night”KaanNEGF“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”Confused Vader“It’s a world gone astray”Young Anakin and his mother“In the middle of the night”Darth Plaguies“I can’t let it out”Githany_EGF“Someone keeps searching”boba_fett_meets_darth_vader“And it shatters your life”Rey flying the falcon“It will never be afraid”Kylo Ren without mask“In the middle of the night”finn-star-wars*Solo music*DV E4DV on LothalVader-on-HothVader following ordersObi-Wan getting struck downStar-Wars-Revenge-of-the-Sith-mace-windu-12176557-1599-677Codyx-wingLuke Vs Vaderdarth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720Leia_fighting_Vader_on_Mimban_EGFCloud City fightdestroyed temple SWTORDV's two inquisitorsInquisitor vs KananAfter Jedi SithCloneWars-Asajj-VentressXanatostdarthzannahVader and fireStar Wars Rebels - Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader posterL-D-VVader on BespinVisas_marr_2

“In the middle of the night”luke-leia-endorblackgroundVader

“In the middle of the night”bobafett1Vaapad

“In the middle of the night”Mace-Windu-death“I don’t understand what’s going on”Luke fighting back“It’s a world gone astray”attackoftheclonesbdcap8_original“In the middle of the night”Becoming Vader“I can’t let it out”Anakin choking Obi-Wan“Someone keeps searching”Anakin and Obi-Wan“and shatters your life”Rise Lord Vader“It will never be afraid”Darth-Vader-With-Storm-Troopers-wallpaper“In the middle of the night”vader-kneeling*Solo*Kylo Ren in bigger pic formmore space battledarth-vader-lukeLuke being Elecuted by the EmperorTEMBERtemple ruinLuke vs vader #2Ankin Obi-Wan fightVader_Force_chokes_Mottidarth_maul_sith_lords_1Qui-Gon,Maul,KenobiLukevaderrotj7Kanan vs VaderVaderVaderchokeTheForceAwakensdarth-nihilus-kotor











Lyrics to Hand Of Sorrow by Within Temptation

*Intro Music* Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768DV E6Darth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and PadmeVader thinking of Padmedeathofobi-wandarth-vader-star-wars-movie-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-1720Vader in ROTJvaderentranceangle

“The child without a name grew up to be the hand”Young Anakin and his motherRise Lord Vader

“To watch you, to shield you, or kill on demand”Vader following orders“The choice he’d made he could not comprehend” Anakin's pledge“His blood a grim secret they had to command” Order 66 in the temple“He’s torn between his honor and the true love of his life”anakin's tears“He prayed for both but was denied” Unsure Anakin“So many dreams were broken and so much was sacrificed” Anakin killing separtists“Was it worth the ones we loved and had to leave behind”Darth Vader remembering Obi-Wan and Padme“So many years have passed, who are the noble and the wise?” Luke being taken away“Will all our sins be justified?”Confused Vader“The curse of his powers tormented his life”Vader thinking of Padme“Obeying the crown was a sinister price”Lords_of_the_Sith“His soul was tortured by love and by pain”VadersRemorse“He surely would flee, but the oath made him stay”vader-kneeling“He’s torn between his honor and the true love of his life” DV E6Confused Vader

“He prayed for both but was denied”Luke being Elecuted by the Emperor“So many dreams were broken and so much was sacrificed” Emperor getting tossed“Was it worth the ones we loved and had to leave behind?”Star-Wars“So many years have passed, who are the noble and the wise?”  foce ghost“Will all of our sins be justified?” one burned mask“Please forgive me for the sorrow”ghost with Obi and Jinn“For leaving you in fear”Padme funeral“For the dreams we had to silence”Anakin-and-Padme-anakin-and-padme-16888061-1196-502“That’s all they’ll ever be”another vader image“Still I’ll be the hand that serves you”Vader thinking of Padme“Though you’ll not see that it is me”Darth-Vader-darth-vader-17534119-1024-768*Solo music*Unsure Anakinanakin-vaderOrder 66 in the templeAnakin killing separtistspadme fainted (1)Ankin Obi-Wan fightAnakin burns

Becoming Vaderstar_wars_darth_vader_by_kyl_el7-d4oeaoq“So many dreams were broken and so much was sacrificed” vaderentranceangle“Was it worth the ones we loved and had to leave behind”Obi-Wan getting struck down“So many years have passed, who are the noble and the wise?”luke-leia-endor“Will all our sins be justified?” darth-vader-luke*solo music*Star-Wars-Darth-Vader-WP-pop-culture-355830_1024_768Vader on BespinStar Wars Rebels - Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader posterVader

Pieces – Red – Lyrics

“I’m here again. A thousand miles away from you. A broken mess just scattered pieces of who I am.” Unsure Anakin“I tried so hard. Thought I could do this on my own. I’ve lost so much along the way.” anakin's tears

“Then I’ll see your face. I know I’m finally yours. I find everything. I thought I lost before. You call my name. I come to you in pieces. So you can make me whole.”

Anakin and Padme 1“I’ve come undone, but you make since of who I am. Like puzzle pieces in your eye. Then I’ll see your face. I know I’m finally yours. I find everything. I thought I lost before. You call my name. I come to you in pieces.  So you can make me whole.”DV E6

“music solo”

anakin-vader Anakin killing tuskens Anakin killing children

Anakin killing separtists
“I tried so hard.”

“So hard”

Luke being Elecuted by the Emperor


“I tried so hard”



“Then I’ll see your face. I know I’m finally yours. I find everything I thought I lost before. You call my name. I come to you in pieces. So you can make me whole.”



“So you can make me whole.”

foce ghost